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Friday, August 15, 2008

Wild Ginger part one

A while ago I made a blouse, a fitted classic simple blouse and although I did all the necessary alterations I still ended up with something too loose at the neck and too tight across the bust, etc. of course this was at the muslin stage, but something in me just said Barbara who has time to make muslins, you hardly have time to sew as much as you want and the next thing you know I downloaded version 3 of PMB by Wild Ginger.

So far I am very pleased with my skirt and the sheath dress (pictures of that will follow this weekend). The sleeves have needed tweaking and the pants were not too bad first couple of times out, but with everyone of my "improvements" they are getting worse. I have found Karen at WG very helpful but even she said that my last pants photos had the crotch length looking like it was 3-4" too long... I think my next step will be version 4 and some serious pants fitting. The interesting thing of course is that I can actually buy pants that fit, providing I try on 48 pairs. Serious pant fitting is in my future. 

I considered posting my last pants versions here, but my youngest and very wise son Ben said to me that as a general rule I would be best not to post anything on this blog that I wouldn't want to see up at a bus shelter. How is that for a sobering thought? 

My current issue with the pants is actually that the back is not so bad but the pants (in all my versions) have this handful of fabric at the front just above crotch level. Not so good. I suspect the issue is, as my sewing machine repair man used to say, that "the problem is in the chair" meaning me. I will sort that out on another day.

So back to the skirt. This one fits really well and is a true classic. What I like is the option to "taper" the bottom slightly, which makes me look thinner at least in my own mind than I am. I have also customed the back vent. I hate sewing vents. They are fussy and they tear if you are a little hard on your clothes as I am. My solution is to lay the vent extension on the fold, press it into a box pleat and stitch across the top. Photos to follow tomorrow. I also sew a thin, non interfaced waistband, only about 5/8" wide finished (wide waist narrow band is my rule, and I suppose narrow waist, wide band makes sense too) a flat button, and an elastic loop at the top of the zipper.

So skirtwise WG has worked for me, but my real favourite is the sheath.

Tomorrow. Rascal needs his walk and my DH is hoping I put the clean sheets on the bed. We tend to wait that one out when we are both tired to see who gives in first ...


katherine h said...

Hello Barbara,

I have just found your blog. I'm looking forward to your pants project. I have recently purchased Wild Ginger after reading your articles in Australian Stitches...I was hoping Wild Ginger would solve my pants fitting crisis, but perhaps not??? I have also read the Joyce Murphy articles over and over again, but can't understand how to adjust the crotch shape for a tilted pelvis (in spite of all the pictures)?? Good luck in your adventure!

Barbara said...

Thanks Katherine, this should be entertaining. It will be interesting to see how different methods deal with different patterns. I think I am going to post pictures of myself and leotards to illustrate how many fitting issues I have, and I am not sure but I think my own pelvis is tilted too. Maybe you can post some of your own pant fitting adventures too!