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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Go Mom go

When Rascal and I went out for our walk yesterday morning we saw small groups of women heading up our hill on a breast cancer walk. I didn't know we were on the local hospital's route so I wasn't expecting this. I noticed too that many of our neighbours had pink ribbons on trees or on their front windows. I wondered at the stories behind those windows.

I was quite affected by this sight. These were ordinary women on a very ordinary street, but so many of them. This is a disease that has not touched my family, even though we are a lot of women, but I can't help thinking how important it is to have this support. If you are sitting in a hospital gown in some hall waiting for treatment, does the thought of so many women behind you caring what happens to you and trying to help, make you feel better? I hope so.

I had a friend, the manager of my local fabric store, who passed away from breast cancer a few years ago. She should have gone to the doctor sooner but that's not the issue. Or maybe it is, maybe if there is more awareness women will take more immediate care of themselves or demand better care for themselves.

I remember her visitation. I walked into the room and they had set up her serger and sewing machine on a table, with the lights on. There were tables all around the room with so many of her projects laid out. All her co workers from the store had their name tags on. When I told my husband about it, he thought it was all pretty unusual but to me it made perfect sense. This was her life.

Thing is when I saw these women yesterday and all the families, husbands and kids standing around at the local school where there was a water station, it just made me proud of ordinary women.

Go mom go.

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