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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's been worth the wait

Continuing on my theme of great tops buried inside separate patterns I have to tell you about my all time favourite top pattern.

I threw it out years ago.

Every once in a while I go through the urge to change my life and do a symbolic purge. Say I make a pair of pants and they are a disaster. The process is then for me to make a policy decision not to make any more pants for myself and to direct my precious sewing time into things that I know will turn out. This I decide is the right decision for the rest of my life. To implement this new life decision I then do a ritual throwing out of all components of whatever sad process I have decided to leave behind.

These decisions have meant that I have abandoned a whole slew of patterns, a huge industrial roll of Banroll and even a carved set of wooden handles for a knitting bag (the last one was after a sweater didn't fit). It is sort of the equivalent of throwing out an ex's stuff to get them out of your head, but more regrettable.

Anyway at one point I decided to wear dresses only to work (one thing to sew, iron, wash etc. rather than three, you get my drift) and in the process through out a really great top pattern that happened to be part of a suit.

Of course I regretted this right away as I always do because my sewing mind is completely unstable and have been trying to wish that pattern back for about twelve years.

Well guess what? I found that exact pattern this month on www.lanetzliving.com

I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw my missing pattern there. I was stunned. Of course I ordered it and it came. 

There appear to be second chances in life.

What I love about this blouse is its simplicity. Dolman sleeves, princess seams and a nice front inset wrap, with enough shape to be worn over skirt/pants without looking sloppy. And of course the not unwrapping part I like. This would be a great fittable pattern for someone who, unlike myself, might need a full bust alternation.

Pull-on, no closure, no sleeves and not even any interfacing. Also a top I always got complimented on when I wore it in the one version I had the sense to make.

I have two pieces of random silk cut out now and will get those made up and posted as soon as my work and general to-do list gives me time. Or even if it doesn't.

There is no way that the pattern photo of this great top pattern even hinted at its potential and in the last ten years or so since I threw out the original there has not been another pattern even close to this one in the books.

I know because I have been looking.

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