Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Getting it together

I should have mentioned that the title for this morning's cartoon was "The original senior's moment."

But I forgot.

Moving on. I got some boots to go with the pants in process which are going to have to be short, because that is how I cut them, as per pattern, although I will try to stretch them a little.

Working on my theory that if you have to be comfortable it is wise to counter that with funky, just to keep yourself this side of the white tennis shoes with velcro for daywear, this is what I got to wear with them. You can tell I am no longer corporate. Most comfortable thing I put on my feet today. We will see how it all looks together:


shams said...

Very nice booties! As you know, I am a firm believer in comfortable but funky!

BetsyV said...

OMG Barbara, that's even funnier than the cartoon: "I forgot"!
My mother sent me that very cartoon last week. hmmmm, wonder what THAT means.

Love the boots

Ruthie said...

cool boots!