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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vogue 1264 early days

I feel bad about slamming that Vogue top, not for shape mind you, just for the destructions, but it appears that Vogue and I are going to be reconciling over 1264.

Once I had figured out I actually had the right fabric to make the pants, I cut out and machine basted up the pants for this pattern. I just slammed on the alterations I figured out from my trail pairs of Simplicities which were:

1. Use a 14 pattern, this is 2 sizes smaller than I need but fits my legs.
2. Forget about the front darts as I don't need them and this automatically adds to the waist.
3. Add 1/2" to the centre front seam to accommodate my belly.
4. Add 1" to the top of the centre front seam for the same reason.
5. Add 1 1/2" to the centre back seam at the top to deal with my womanly rear.
6. Do the infamous "clown butt" alteration to add a further 3/4" to the back crotch seam but also takes that same amount out of the back inseam so I don't get bagging under this clown's butt.
7. Add 1/2" along all side seams (see point 1)

I then basted the machine basted the whole thing together, didn't press a thing because these were wool gabardine and I wasn't going to press in what I might have to take out, stood in front of the mirror with my eyes closed and then opened them and then called my husband to go get the camera.

Now I realize that to you, or any normal person, these look like a real mess, but they aren't done right and not pressed etc. but I can see the shape and I am in love.

I haven't worn these wide thigh tapered pants in years and I had forgotten how comfortable they are. And these fit pretty well, construction incompletion apart.

Man, am I happy. I have decided to let my job and my family slide over the next few days and finish these. On the fence about the flood hem, will decide that later.

Here are the shots so far:

The all important bum shot. My right leg is how short they would be if I hemmed them as specified. I have thoughtfully styled this with a fireplace that's due for renovation and my trusty purple suede sewing slippers.

The all important front shot, disregard the unpressed legs and note that I am lacking the usual crotch wrinkles which is all that matters.
The side shot, interesting as it appears an insane person pinned them closed or at least someone in a hurry. Note the tapered leg. Welcome back 1982. Note too that I do not look as fat as I am in this, not quite 1982 again but maybe spring of 1998 or early fall 1999, better than winter 2015.


Bunny said...

These look fabulous! I like the longer length.

shams said...

This look great, Barbara! I also like the longer length, but you could make either work. :)

Kathy said...

They look great. Even unpressed you can see they hang beautifully with no wrinkles. I like the longer length, too.

Jodie said...

I agree, they look/fit great! Can you face the hem so you get the most length possible?

Susan said...

Geat fitting pants and I vote for the longer length. Could you post a picture of the back pattern piece with the 'clown-butt' adjustment?