Monday, July 11, 2011

No pics yet

The dress turned out very well with the alteration. Unfortunately we didn't get the pictures taken because youngest stepdaughter came by to say she is getting married in four weeks. Small wedding, unlike all other family weddings, only her dad, her mom, and me. In case you are wondering I volunteered to let this just be with her parents but she wants me there and I really like her mom so this is fine.

Now the big question is what am I going to wear?

Off to earn my living, more later.

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Ms.Alethia said...

OMG,thisis my first time seeing the vew fall vogue patterns. These are very sophisticated, clean, and elegant. I love the ruched dress~that plum or egg plant color seems to be the it color for this fall. The grey suit is very elegant.
Thanks for sharing...headed over to see more on-line at club bmv!