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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New fall Vogues - calling Kay Unger


I was looking forward to some new fall dresses since I am in major dress mode, but none of the offerings appeal to me. All these yards and yards of twisted knits all over the body, until I see it on real people and am convinced, this seems like too much. Ruching seems to be the thing this season but in tight dresses like this you need to have a skinny bod or be prepared to wear five pairs of Spanx under it. Yes, this is definitely a five pair dress, please tell me I am wrong.

I have seen a lot of ruched satin at weddings, enough in fact to think twice about wrapping this figure up in it.

I never am comfortable in lots of stuff flapping around, I am a busy person and move around a lot and it just seems to get in the way. I wouldn't feel like me in this stuff.

One Anne Klein is nice but it is very similar to what I have. 

Where is Kay Unger in this collection? You can always count on her for elegant.

And I love the back of this jacket, but what is with the no closures? Listen if you don't need to do your jacket up you don't need a jacket. There are a few closureless numbers here and I don't get it. Maybe to wear over a cocktail dress while you run from the taxi, which means I would wear this once every eight years for ten minutes.

Now on to what I really like.

There are some interesting casual patterns, which is a welcome change, and as I am trying to focus on clothes I would wear everyday I will be picking these ones up:

Drapey cowl necklines were my favourite look this summer and this top would suit me. I might even go crazy and do unfinished edges. Anything is possible at this stage.

There are some extremely dopey fabric suggestions for this one, like sweatshirt fleece, but this is a very nice collar and on my definite list for a turn-into-coat pattern if nothing else shows up.

I have a definite shortage of pleather in my wardrobe and since my DC son has now moved to East Village in NYC I am wondering if I should step it up with a few black type outfits to blend in when I visit. Might not be the venue for my good old loud prints.

If I had made these pants I wouldn't be happy with them, but the jacket is interesting. The idea of knit sleeves is appealing. I will have to think about what I would wear underneath it. However as I have been holding onto about a yard of wool rib knit for 17 years, which would be great for sleeves, this one is under consideration.

I hardly ever sew bags, I find them fiddly when I look at the instructions and besides there are too many clothes I want to make. However this looks easy and stylish. I try never to turn down easy and stylish.

Now what do you like?


Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

I like the jacket, but nothing else really catches my eye. Can;t wait to see you how you put your awesome touches on these patterns =-)

sdBev said...

I'm definitely with you on the closureless coats. Where do they live that would want a coat that flaps open in the winter. Interestingly enough I added the same ones to my wishlist as you posted above.

Irene said...

Sorry, but that ruched dress that you nixed really caught my eye. I'm a very different figure type from you, and I could get away with it - only problem is - where the heck would I wear it? Love all your other selections, too!
Agreed - coats with no closures are for fantasy land.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Well you did better than me because I found NUTHIN from this collection that I liked. I'm really tired of shapeless wonders for plus size dresses! But I have plenty from this collection and a few others to sew until something good shows up - at least to me! *smile*

shams said...

I was underwhelmed. I feel like we have *enough* dress patterns, already! :) I wouldn't be so petty if there were a wider diversity.

I like the fitted jacket. I do like the Tilton purse, though I don't make many purses. Yeah, there were some others I will pick up, but don't excite me.

Michelle said...

I agree with you, I also thought, wow, yards and yards of fabric all knotted up or bandaged around the body. The first dress caught my eye, but then saw it was a top/skirt and I wonder if that will ride up whenever you walk in it???

SewingLibrarian said...

San Diego! That's where you wear a coat with no closures! I can get away with a cape or sweater most of the time. A light raincoat for showers. As for Vogue, I did like the Tracey Reese dress with shirring, but I'm not good with knits. So I'll probably pass it by.