Sunday, April 3, 2011

Incidental thoughts

I have a garment to post but before I do that I wanted to share a self observation and a few other things.

First of all my DD took a look at my last post and said to me "There is a reason they call them house dresses, that's because you aren't supposed to wear them outside the house, and you better not." She is probably right, I do not have a flower dress history.

But looking at the last couple of things I have made I can see myself trying to work something out. I have one more month of full time work then I go part time after a month's holiday in May. I am going to be very busy this month finishing things up and getting things set up for summer classes before I go, and if you asked me how I felt about ending my full-time career I would have said I have no feelings about it either way.

But my sewing proves that wrong. 

After the focus for so long being things to wear to work, and there will still be some of that, but only half of it, I am wondering about transferring operations more formally to this house. I will be working from home and working in the home. Part of me is trying to figure out what that looks like. I don't want to think I am starting a left over life and I don't want to wear left over clothes, as in the comfortable things you put on when you come home from work.

I have been thinking things like, I will be a part-time housewife now, and when the thought went into my head I realized, because I also had only a few hours to sew, that I expressed that in making a few house dresses to process the thought.

Oh, to be so simple that even a cat could figure out why you do the things that you do.

I have kind of worked through that feeling and realized I will just retool and work on ways to be just as stylish at home.

The truth is that this is a good change for me and I am going to grow with it.

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sdBev said...

"realized I will just retool and work on ways to be just as stylish at home." Most people use being at home as an excuse to be sloppy and lazy but it is not required. You can dress as nicely as you want. Dresses and skirts still have a place in retired life. You make the choice. I chose to wear nice trousers and pants most of the time. I keep my jeans for days when dirty work is anticipated; dresses, skirts for social activities. My choice. What is yours?