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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another shift

I realize that I am developing some TNT with my Wild Ginger PMB software. I made another version of the first shift: 

The neckline is still a bit too open (I have gone back into the software and brought this in now) so I made a pleat and put on a button to tighten this version up a bit. 

I also let go of the facings which I replaced with binding. I much prefer binding armholes and necklines, and if you look at better RTW facings are not used half as much as they are in patterns. You get a nicer, neater dress without them.

I used some African cotton I picked up last summer and I love it. Despite earlier creations I am definitely a more geometric than floral patterned person and being a tall person too larger designs suit me, so I am always attracted to African prints. I used to have some fabric brought home for me from folks going to Africa and unfortunately it is hard to get a lot of the nice patterned wovens here that you find in say West Africa but the prints are still nice.

I also want to share something about invisible zippers. My good machine has been in the shop for two months now (got an email saying they are still working on it - what's going on?) and I have been using my ancient second hand Pfaff. The stitch on this machine is lovely but there aren't any accessory feet. So to put in an invisible zipper I went out and got one of those cheap generic kinds they sell at the fabric store and tried that.

Here is a picture of that foot in action:

The amazing thing is that this foot made putting in the invisible zipper about 1000% easier than the expensive invisible zipper foot I got for my main machine. Because you can just slide it over to where you want it so easily with this foot it is real simple to get it just where you want it. I also find that roller ball on the cheapo foot does a much better job of moving the coil of the zipper out of the way. I think I will keep using this foot even when my good machine comes home if ever that happens.

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Bunny said...

Older machines can still bring a lot to the party. I have my 30 year old Kenmore permanently set up for buttonholes. A computerized buttonhole can't even come close.