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Monday, April 4, 2011

Vogue 1179

If you are like me you keep an eye on blogs and sewers that seem to sew things that are particularly wearable to you. Some sewers I admire for their expertise, and some seem to find patterns that would work for me too.

So I took notice when both Myra and Adrienne raved about Vogue 1179. They are right. This one is a winner.

This pattern is also rare among designer patterns in that it actually looks so much better on a real woman with curves than on Miss Size Zero in the pattern book. On her it hangs like a rag, on me it skims and makes me looks slimmer than I am. Of course all I can show you here is my version on a hanger. The official photographer is in a van (full of fabric) on the road from Tennessee to home - but I promise when he is here there will be a full photo shoot.

I used one of Fabricmart's bamboo knits and followed the pattern exactly, no alteration except adding the usual 3 inches in length. You will note that this has a huge hem 4" which is a good idea as it helps the fabric hang better, more weight. I used my coverhem, which was one of the best investments I  ever made, but had to put some washable stablilizer under the wrong side so the twin stitches didn't tunnel.

IMO option this fast and easy sew is one of the great patterns of all time - can't imagine how anyone couldn't look great in it. How's that for a pattern review?

It was also nice to get back to a real pattern again after my walk on the impromptu side - just wish I had more time to tackle something more ambitious right now, but this one will be perfect for my holiday in May.


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

I really like this dress...very very nice! and with a review
like this :) I will add this one to my list.

Karen in VA said...

Is it really an easy pattern? I'm a newbie and want some quick summer dresses and this one is cute...

Barbara said...

Yes Karen take it step by step and get a knit with some drape. You can also email me directly if you want some step by step help.

a little sewing said...

That looks really lovely and you whipped it up in no time! I am glad your mister is on his way home :)
I am also starting to think of summer knit dresses and this is one on my list.