Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Every other Wednesday pattern give- away August 4, 2010

Here we go again. This belongs to who ever first sends me an email with an address today. The email link can be found under my profile picture. Please do not just leave a comment because I feel terrible that I can't contact you directly that way.

This pattern came from a box I found on my street's annual yard sale. Every pattern in this collection was carefully taken out of the pattern envelope and the picture and details glued to the front of the envelope. Not one pattern appears to have ever been used. 

I can identify with both the ambition of this sewer and her ability to actually get around to sewing all she planned. I wish I had known her, we would have had a lot in common.

This one, another size 16, bust 36, is for a "slenderette" dress and lined jacket.

I think my mom had a hat like that to wear to church.

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