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Monday, August 23, 2021

Kitt knit dress from Stylearc

 A while ago I posted that I am revisiting some of Stylearc's simple shapes and I am overdue in my posts about them.

So here we go. 

Right now I am in Berkeley visiting my son, daughter-in-law and youngest grandchild after a very, very long time. I will be here for another two weeks.

This visit is overdue thanks to Covid and I am refilling my well.

We are busy of course with an almost three-year-old but I am able in the evenings to catch up a bit.

So let's start with Stylearc's Kitt dress. This pattern was a freebie a while ago and so I acquired it. Getting ready for my trip I decided I needed some knit dresses. Of course as usual my sewing ambitions were bigger than my sewing time so the simplicity of this pattern made it a sensible sew.

Here is the pattern illustration:

 Ironically I made this dress out of fabric I ordered in from the marvellous Stonemountain and Daughter here is Berkeley. For some reason their shipping to Canada is super, super fast - whenever I make an order from them it arrives with in the week if not in a few days.

Not much to say about the construction of this little number obviously. The V neck is essentially one of those ones that is a knit band same as a T shirt with a little dart at centre front to make the miter.

Due to fabric shortage, I squeezed this out of what I had I actually also used knit bands to finish the sleeves. Honestly this whole project could not have been easier.

So here it is - an extremely simple dress and one I feel is perfect for a strong print.

I will be making more of these - why wouldn't I?


Kamchick said...

A beautiful dress, Barbara. I have that pattern too - haven't made it yet.
Glad you are having a long awaited visit there...must be wonderful to see your little granddaughter.
Looking forward to your new book...Amazon predicts that it will be delivered on Thursday!
I'm wondering if the Kitt dress shape would also lend itself to inseam ties to wrap around it at the waist. D'ya think??

Carol said...

Love the dress, love your new book! Did you size down for this pattern? I checked the measurements and it seems really big according to the numbers.

Barbara said...

Kamchick I think ties would work very well. Great idea! If you do that let me know.

And Carol I did size down and am about to write a post about that in another Stylearc dress right now!