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Monday, February 22, 2021

Flypaper thoughts Mars edition

  •  First
  • An apology to all those astronauts who read this blog
  • But those who know me well 
  • Know that the one thing I have little time for is outer space
  • First
  • I hate heights
  • Second
  • And confined spaces
  • So the thought of being that many thousands and thousands of miles out there in the dark
  • In something without windows...
  • And besides the concept of fresh air is irrelevant
  • Is past my own personal edges of where common sense is effective
  • Also
  • Who in their right mind
  • Thinks that the world we are to take care of
  • Is in such a state that
  • Anyone can say
  • Done! Now let's go find somewhere else to fix up
  • Maybe the search for intelligent life would be worthwhile 
  • Here
  • On top of outerspace
  • I have run out of the good interfacing
  • Which is serious enough to have set me off about Mars
  • I am sure you are with me on this
  • Remember when fusible interfacing looked like a picnic table tablecloth?
  • That some one had dotted with Lepages white glue
  • And once fused these glue dots seeped through to make dark spots in the fabric
  • Which now also had the malleability of the paper plates you set out on that picnic table cloth?
  • Fortunately those days are gone, in most cases
  • But fusible interfacing survivors can still be found
  • Wandering around Joanns, Fabricville, and Spotlight
  • Numb with the PTSD of it all
  • However a good woven fusible 
  • And a good knit fusible (let's hear it for Sewer's Dream if you can order it)
  • Are a different story altogether 
  • And something you miss enough to get mad at the solar system
  • When you thought you had tons and you don't
  • I'm thinking these days
  • It's time to actively seek out the bright spots
  • Closer to home
  • For me it was the decision to make sure as many as I can
  • Get a chance to find out sewing is fun
  • So I had the kids and some friends over to sew yesterday
  • Lower the presser foot
  • Lower the presser foot they said to each other
  • I now no longer need to wonder where I am going to store that big bag of stuffing in my new sewing room
  • Everyone made pillows
  • Multiple pillows
  • Go forward and go backward at the beginning and end of the sewing part
  • Don't worry, said the 11 year-old
  • It gets easier with experience
  • Yes it does
  • Yes it does
  • And so grounding


Sarah Wale said...

I'm with you all the way to Mars and back, Barb. Actually, I'm not even going to think of getting into that claustrophobic piece of ironmongery, let alone leave Earth in it! I am so sad about the whole space race programme. yes I know we got Teflon and Kevlar out of it, but we;re also filling the Universe with junk and I can;t get my head or my conscience around Humans killing off their own planet going off to find others to kill off. To say nothing of what those trillions and trillions of $$$ could do to help heal Earth, feed the hungry, treat the sick, house the homeless ... you get the picture. Rant over!

Sewing with the grand-kids is the best therapy and I'm going to do just that so I can calm down :D

My 11 year old grandson made his own mask last year when we were locked down - we even managed to find material to match his school uniform, which he donned to do online learning at home because it made him feel more ready to study, bless him. Apparently some kids never got out of their pyjamas and 'didn't study well'!

Moosiemoose said...

You do it to me again and again, another laugh and a bit of tear. How wonderful to have those children to spend time sewing with you. Jean

Moosiemoose said...

I had to check and found Sewers Dream at Gala fabrics in BC. I hope that helps even though it will probably take awhile to get across Canada. Hope this helps. Jean

JulieJ said...

Well said Barbara - what the hell are we doing searching for water on Mars when there are people on earth who don't have access to clean water? There's a WaterAid advert on the TV here in the UK - perhaps worldwide - that makes the point very well. If you haven't seen it search YouTube for The Girl Who Built A Rocket | WaterAid

SK Daniels said...

There's a large possibility that I am projecting my own ennui onto your post. It's been a bad sewing morning. I found that I finished two sections of my coat upside down. Considering the errors of humanity, that seems small potatoes, but I am having a major pout. Trying to assert my personal power, I am contemplating 3 things in my life, that I feel grateful for. (I know, that's a terrible sentence. It's emblematic.) Not things that I should feel grateful for, but things that actually bring delight. After considerable pondering, I see the morning light reflected in the bevel of a mirror. Somehow this relates to my daydream of starting a national movement to restore goodness by teaching children to sew. You have actually started it. You have done it again--sent delight, goodness and humor. Thank you.

celkalee said...

Teaching children to sew is a wonderful endeavor. The gift of sharing that knowledge with the younger generations will provide them some skills for their future. The process of making something almost more than the skill itself is self-affirming.

While I am quite claustrophobic as well, the long view of exploration and the processes and technology developed to get to Mars, the search for water, the possibility of habitation are outstanding. Not discounting the needs on this planet I choose to not be short-sighted about the scientific process. I am fortunate to know of some of the scientists and engineers who manage to make such a landmark voyage possible. You would be amazed at their skills and how those skills also translate to work here.