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Friday, June 12, 2020

A sewing uniform

I have been sewing and sewing lately on various projects and I realized I have definite sewing outfits. Two days this week it has been some old standby Jalie patterns.

The first is these purple linen pants (I call them my Berkeley pants because I wear them when I visit my kids who live there in California so I fit in with all the ageing hippies) 3243 in a size bigger than I usually wear for extra ease. These are perfect for sitting a long time and intermittent running to the iron board, to let in the dog, or to make teas. Not particularly elegant but so comfortable.

I wear them with my favourite top V neck 2682 in cotton spandex knit. I like the print and not everything goes with purple pants. You might want to remember that.

I also have these same 3243s in a smaller size and cropped in grey with the 3890 top. I found that this rayon interlock in the spotted top stretched and stretched so I ended up overlapping the neckline and adding a button. Next version I sized down.

So I have a question for you.

What do you wear when you sew?

Oh and BTW this is my granddaughter colour and cut.


Victoria Bennett said...

You are doing such a good job teaching your grandchildren what is really important in life - not perfect, professional haircuts. Showing her that you had confidence in her ability to cut your hair and even if it didn't turn out well (which is SO did!) she was more important to you than how your hair looked. Bravo.

Margaret said...

I think your granddaughter knows what she’s doing!

Kim said...

She did a pretty good job on both the color and the cut. Old sweatpants/shorts and sweat top or T-shirt depending on the weather. I need soft with complete freedom of movement and I don't want to be worried if I spill something on it.

Nadine Lindstrom said...

My favourite trousers patterns is the same - Jalie 3243. I have somewhere around 7 pairs of them. I have fooled around with the pockets to change things up.

I wear (bought) yoga pants all winter and Jalie 3243 all summer. I make them up in light weight wovens and they are so cool and comfy.

Sarah Wale said...

Your granddaughter did a great job on your cut and colour - and you;'re doing a great job as a grandma letting her find her abilities and giving her the courage to try them out 'in real life'(and showing courage yourself in letting her do it on you!).
I l9ke to wear loose, soft jersey pants and a comfortable top with short or 3/4 sleeves to sew - long sleeves get in the way and I keep pushing them up. I also keep a velour clothes 'brush' by me so I can quickly get rid of fluff and dropped ends of thread if I have to be presentable in a hurry!
Purple pants go with whatever you want them to, but especially the top you have paired them with - very pretty.

/anne... said...

I try and wear layers so I can try stuff on - a dress doesn't work unless I'm making outerwear. I really need to get a mirror for my sewing room, and better curtains!

Oh, and according to my daughter, everyone looks good in purple! We're Fremantle Dockers fans (AFL) :-)

Anonymous said...

Gee, I think the purple pants and coordinating top are wonderful together. Maybe I should move to Berkley.

I tend to sew in short intervals in what ever I happen to have on; most of my clothes can take a bit of thread amid the dog hair decorations anyway.

Hair looks fine. Is she expanding her practice to the rest of the family?


Anonymous said...

This is my first time readying your blog so I am wondering what pattern brand you use. You give numbers but not sure where to find them.

Barbara said...

HI Anon, they are all Jalie patterns.

Tobie said...

LOL! Yes a lot of us in Berkeley-or affectionately known as Bezerkeley-are aging hippies. However the next wave is much more conservative!

Love the fabric with your purple pants.

Josie said...

Purple linen pants count me in. It's linen I love. My sewing uniform, running shorts, or yoga pants, thsirt, hawaiianas sandals.
If I am not running that day I put on a Hawaiian hula dancing skirt, tshirt, sandals. Very casual. Winters? still wear summer clothes, underneath all. Socks with sandals.