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I am a mother, a grandmother, and a teacher. But whatever happens in my life, I keep sewing. I have worked as a political communicator and now as a teacher in my formal life. I have also written extensively on sewing. I have been a frequent contributor and contributing editor of Threads magazine and the Australian magazine Dressmaking with Stitches. My book Sew.. the garment-making book of knowledge was published in May 2018 and is available for pre-order from Amazon


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Friday, January 10, 2020

Flypaper thoughts South Carolina edition

·      One week into our annual trip south
·      Have used up my data looking at patterns on the road
·      Or searching for style ideas for my new style
·      I am always looking for my new style
·      Currently I am working on one called
·      Whatever is still clean
·      My husband gets texts from my son
·      They share podcasts on the intelligence of mushrooms
·      Do you know that a mushroom fed oatmeal designed the  Tokyo subway system?
·      Don't feel bad a lot of people don't
·      I can send you the link
·      How could I have not have heard of this before?
·      Discovered the state park we are in in South Carolina has a snowbird monthly rate
·      For December, January, and February
·      Explains the Canadians
·      Folks in shorts and T shirts
·      Identifiable next to the locals in wool hats and gloves
·      Woman a few sites over is delighted to find out that the person in her next site
·      Lives on the same street as her cousin's uncle's sister
·      Back home in Moncton
·      I am in constant contact with my own network
·      I get texts of pictures of the snow storms
·      News my niece and her sweetheart
·      Who is also my son-in-law's nephew
·      Are moving into my basement
·      You would think I was from Moncton
·      My husband is in his element
·      He runs this rv like it is his own submarine
·      When I step in here it is more like enlisting
·      Things are stowed, not put away
·      I am seeing a lot of walking around with power tools
·      And a happy guy
·      Man loves his activities
·      Bought himself a vintage sewing machine yesterday in a thrift shop
·      It was $8.00 because it was broken
·      He actually took it apart and fixed it right there in the store
·      Attracting attention of a few older men
·      I went to look at glassware
·      I hear there is such a thing as food grade anti-freeze
·      Don't panic
·      But I am not kidding
·      He brings me dinner on a tray when I am writing
·      Every rv has a dog
·      Some have three
·      I lie happily in my bed here in my sub under the stars
·      And feel I am sleeping in a colony of dogs
·      Accompanied by their drivers
·      I shower in the bath house
·      With the other Canadians
·      Thrilled we don't walk there in snow
·      The sound of the shower in the rv worries Daisy
·      Sometimes it takes 15 minutes for the water to get hot
·      But I have the time
·      And when I walk back in the dark I look at the stars
·      And hear the dogs snoring


Terry in Alberta. said...

AAH Sounds so peaceful. Better than my -27 dog walk in Calgary this morning. Kudos to your husband on the sewing machine

Kim said...

Shows you what a geek I am but yes, I did know the Tokyo thing, but I think it was a slime mold (slightly different than a mushroom, sorry, I really am a nerd) and they took the same path when given a choice, in a maze. They are pretty cool organisms.
I live vicariously through you and your RV travels. I am looking forward to retirement when my husband and I can head south in the winter too.
I always enjoy your flypaper thoughts!

Tracy King said...

Sounds blissful as I sit here in SK in an extreme cold warning. Had to drive my daughter to school because the busses don’t run after -30. I never understand that. The kids should find there own way to school on the coldest days?

Beth from Philly said...

Safe travels, Barbara.

Teri on the Left Coast said...

Some how the sound of a dog snoring means all is well with my world. Yours too I hope.
Your husband deserves an ‘atta boy’ for his fixing skills. This sounds like a three camel man.
I’m on the West Coast where there is a threat of snow and everyone is stocking up at the grocery store.

Patricia said...

Love this. My father would have had that $8 machine running in the store too! You can't find a young man with that talent these days :) Happy travels.

Anonymous said...

Your annual trip sounds like a dream.
Taking your home with you as you wander from place, taking your sweet time as you journey along.

Anonymous said...

My friend has an in-law in San Jose CA whose fabulous outdoor Christmas light display made the local news. It was about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The announcer said that people “braved the cold” to come out and see the lights. See, it’s all relative.