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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Flypaper thoughts Berkeley edition

  • Landed in Florida and now doing a week in Berkeley helping out with my granddaughter
  • My DIL is at a reunion
  • Berkeley is the easiest place in the world to dress in
  • Walked the baby in the stroller with what I had warm in my suitcase
  • A beret and raincoat
  • Cropped pants and Fair Isle socks
  • Clunky shoes
  • I asked the kid how I looked and she laughed
  • However I felt the height of fashion
  • Purple linen pants are the little black dress here
  • Older women are unapologetic in Berkeley
  • Unlike the lady my age on the plane who couldn't close her mouth
  • The skin had been pulled too tight
  • Women should be unapologetic everywhere
  • Mother is a verb not a noun
  • Love being able to help out
  • We are down the street from the Berkeley Academy of Bull fighting
  • Which if you have trouble finding it is across the street from the Socratic elementary school
  • Half a block from the Herbal Apothecary and soap making classes place
  • Which is next door
  • Dropped by a fermentation bar yesterday
  • We were running low on Kombucha
  • Picked up some fermented lime pickle
  • So excited about that
  • Time to get fermenting in the RV
  • One more week in Florida then off to Texas via New Orleans
  • But first I have some fabric shopping to do here
  • In Florida we get to see my dad's best friend
  • A man who laughs so hard when we tell dad stories that he can hardly talk
  • They used to live across the street from us
  • The kids waved to each other in the morning
  • Picture window to picture window
  • Now that whole family comes down for March break
  • Next year for sure
  • The Texas situation is TBD on my son's work anyway
  • Do you know that my dad's first name was Norval
  • You can't make this up
  • He wished we could
  • His dad had a drugstore and he named my dad after the president of the company that was his best seller
  • Yup. Modest sanitary napkins
  • My grandfather called my dad Skip 
  • No wonder
  • And no surprise that my father was known best for his sense of humour
  • What was the choice I ask you?
  • Off to settle someone for their nap


Lynn said...

I laughed and sgred with yiur statement of older women in Berkeley not caring what you think of their outfit. It is definitely a West Coast US phenomenon. In Washington State where,I live I have seén people show up in their "good" sweat pants for events (good = no holes, no stains). We might not be fashion plates but we are comfortable and happy.

Sarah Wale said...

Wonderful! I too laughed at this blog. We live in the very far north of New Zealand where getting dressed up means putting shoes on! I am all for comfort and coming from a Mum who was unable to leave the house without matching everything and full make-up, I often think she must look down on me, aged 70 - so the calendar tells me, in my cut-offs (not purple but I'm tempted now) and tank top (it's summer here)thinking 'Did I teach her nothing?!' Grow old happy and disgracefully, that's my motto! If they don't like how I look they don;t have to look at me. Not had any complaint yet...
Oh yes, and you're right, mother is a verb not a noun!

L said...

Your flypaper thoughts are the best! The story about your dad's name is hilarious. =)

Natasha said...

Have you tried Stone Mountain and Daughter? It's one of my favorite places to visit in Berkeley. I grew up in the Bay Area. We should not be apologetic. We really need to be louder. Enjoy your granddaughter.

Carol Lee said...

My grandmother’s name was Gyla. She named my mom Elna; it wasn’t a family name. But now they both are.
Stonemountain and Daughter was the only fabric store I had time to visit when we were in San Francisco last summer for our nephew’s wedding. It was so wonderful to look at and touch all those beautiful fabrics. Reminded me of a legendary fabric store that used to be in our downtown. I went into SM&Dtr. knowing exactly what fabric I wanted, but for an hour I just feasted my eyes and fingertips and enjoyed myself.
I feel envious of you, RVing about the US, camping and visiting family and friends. Love the flypaper thoughts when they appear.

corkpop said...

I nearly wet my pants when I read the "purple linen pants are the lbd" in Berkeley. I had to read it to my sister, who lived in Berkeley for 40 years. She couldn't catch her breath from laughing so hard. We still live in the East Bay but further out but visit there frequently. It's very true, it's a very easy place to dress. That old saying about not getting a second chance to make a first impression? Doesn't exist there. It's almost like nobody notices what anyone is wearing yet you also see some of the best, coolest clothing you've ever seen. I love when you visit Berkeley. Oh, she lived between the University and the hospital. I'm sure there must be a couple fermentation shops there by now.