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Friday, October 11, 2019

Jalie's new Rachel top

Yesterday Jalie released a new pattern, the Rachel and I made it up to wear to a presentation I gave to the Atlantic Sewing Guild. 

I used a lovely wool and bamboo jersey that is so comfortable - keeping with my wear what is comfortable theme. The pants BTW are Jalie's pull-ons, cut shorter in my attempt to be somewhat updated.

This top is so much simpler than it looks. It was a comfortable half an afternoon sew, start to finish. Essentially this is a basic T with a crew neck or mock turtle option, with a sort of an extension on one side that is sewn into a tube and then pulled across to the opposite side seam and basted in so it is captured when that seam is sewn.

Nothing to it.

I was hesitant about this style as I am wary of anything that draws attention to my belly but I found it actually is very midriff disguising.

As a result I will be making more tops and probably a dress or two from this pattern.


Sarah Wale said...

Thanks for the info and photo. I was tempted to the pattern but the drape put me off as I thought it might accentuate my 'comfortable' tum. You've sold me on it - it looks great on you and although you're slimmer than me, it looks as though anyone could wear it, as per the 'womanly' women on the pattern envelope. Enjoy the autumn and its lovely mellow, golden colours; we're into spring here with the cheerful, brightly coloured spring flowers everywhere. Time to get out the lighter fabrics and some new patterns!

Janet said...

When you say "start to finish" do you mean doing any necessary adjustments, cutting out and sewing or just sewing? Thanks

bbarna said...

Even though I am on a self imposed pattern fast, I bought this...though it would make a great top for my daughter in law.

Kay said...

This is very very attractive on you, and has just the right stylish professional vibe for your presentation. It's tempting, but I think that what makes it work on you might make it all wrong for someone much shorter and wider. For you though, it will make great tops, and I can see a dress with boots for winter in the same fabric as your current top!

Anonymous said...

This is very attractive - it will be exciting to see what you do next with it. I'm pretty tempted myself.....