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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Flypaper thoughts company gone home edition

  • Had a really spectacular September
  • Family company from Ontario, the US, and England
  • Loved it all
  • Reminded me that I have no need for personal space
  • Grew up like that
  • Pretty sure I was 35 before I was in a room by myself
  • I remember my mother when we had visitors
  • "They're in there by themselves in the living room!"
  • "Quick someone go in and talk to them."
  • I am going to be going to visit my mother later this new month
  • We will talk
  • In the meantime I am gearing up for my busy season
  • Hallowe'en costumes then Christmas
  • As soon as I finish here it's back to crocheting a baby flamingo hat
  • Mysteries of the universe
  • Why do crochet patterns always call for synthetic or blend yarn and knitting patterns always call for expensive yarn?
  • Maybe crochet would be less stiff if natural fibres were used
  • Quick I need Netflix recommendations
  • What's with the categories?
  • Who wants something that is in the actual category of "suburban disfunction"?
  • Gee grab the popcorn
  • Where is the category of "funny and interesting with no violence or anybody being sad?"
  • Just finished Derry Girls which was ideal but now over
  • Where's the category of "good for crocheting baby hats where you don't need a pattern?"
  • Or "Suitable for people doing hems in bed with a dog lying on their legs?"
  • Or series that are "good enough to watch but won't keep you awake when that episode is done or make you watch so much in one night that you have to tell your spouse in the morning you shouldn't have stayed up?"
  • Speaking of which
  • My husband had a dream last night, a bad one
  • He broke a broom
  • That was it
  • The bad part
  • Are our lives getting too quiet?
  • But better than the one when he woke up and thought I was a raccoon
  • A very Canadian dream that one
  • This week I am having friend come to sew days
  • Hosted in my basement
  • Love those days
  • May sneak in something for myself before I start sewing pink feathers onto a tiny cape
  • Need something new for the fall
  • We raccoons can't let ourselves go
  • Got to give the bigger kids time to settle into their choices
  • I once made one son a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde costume
  • Split right down the middle 
  • A suit jacket on one side and a shirt on the other
  • Etc.
  • Thought it was brilliant
  • Then kid came home and said he would rather be a robber like his friends
  • You know T shirt and carry a pillow case and have a mask
  • Not that I didn't forgive him
  • Telling you this story 25 years later proves that
  • Once again I will be the Cat in the Hat
  • It's one hell of a hat
  • And I need a return on my investment
  • Unlike Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • Wonder if that's on Netflix?


patsijean said...

Regarding Netflix, I'd like to suggest "Mr. Sunshine" set in Josen/now South Korea, in the early 1900's during Japan's conflict with China--guess how the Japanese got to China. The series is beautiful to look at. It has Ronin (I think I have a bit of a crush on the central Ronin character, a poignant love triangle, class struggle, beautiful music, did I mention it is beautiful? But I won't because you don't want a binge worthy Netflix offering, and I had to control my urge to binge in order to make the series last.

Joyce said...

On the topic of a great Netflix recommendation, try ‘Criminal’. We watched two episodes last night, brilliant stuff! The first episodes stars David Tennant. Try it, and let me know what you think!

Liane said...

Have you watched Father Brown? It’s a murder mysteries set in England in the 50’s. There are 6 seasons and it’s been surprising good. Excellent period wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

Our current Netflix project is the entire Doctor Who - realize it is not for everyone, but we have been watching one or two episodes a night since the beginning of the year. Our adult kids won't stay in the room for it, so the project only progresses when there are no visitors around, but since this year has been a sparse one for kid visits (sigh) it does seem to be working for us. I suspect it will take us til the end of the year. At that point we will need your suggestions as your selection criteria sounds just about perfect.


Julie Culshaw said...

Try or - better selection of those types of movies. Doc Martin, the Vera series, Keeping Faith (great!)

sallygardens said...

On Neftflix, I love Arrested Development but only the original three seasons. I also love Parks and Recreation, but that one takes a few episodes to hit its stride. Same with The Office.

Dark humor, but ultimately sad, Nurse Jackie is very good.

Hope you find something you like.

Nethwen said...

I don't know if this is on Netflix, but if you have access to Acorn TV (check with your library), The Modern Miss Fisher is a cozy, fun mystery set in the 1960s. I second the Father Brown recommendation. Also, Doc Martin, if you can overlook the medical nonsense (wound care with no gloves, anyone?).

annie said...

If you have access to Britbox and/or Acorn, you will be endlessly entertained.

Unknown said...

You can watch all of the "Downton Abbey" shows on Netflix, and there is a really nice short series "Doctor Thorne". My guilty pleasure recently has been watching "Lucifer", he is such a cad, but the banter between the characters is so much fun. That one is adults only, though.

Monica MacDonald said...

You never disappoint Barb. You don't know how much I enjoy your blogs. Happy Sewing


Jan said...

I second "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries". Funny, charming, romance and beautiful 1920's clothes. It makes you long for the days when people got "dressed up".

Tracy King said...

I don’t have any recommendations for shows with zero violence but if you haven’t watched Outlander yet I highly recommend it. The first show or two are a bit slow but after that it will be one of those shows you watch too much of. It’s good for crocheting away the day on days when slush or rain make going out not so fun. So happy you had a fantastic September. My family is spread around quite a bit as well so we celebrate the times we are together and truly enjoy each other. Have a fantastic day!

LindaII said...

Netflix: Schitt's Creek...hilarious! Eugene Levy, Dan Levy, Catherine O'Hara. Filmed in Toronto!

Katrina B said...

I'm just concerned about the baby flamingo. Why does it need a hat? :D

The doodler said...

If you like radio, Cabin Pressure is a great comedy series about a tiny charter airdot (because you can't put one plane in a line).

corkpop said...

As for Netflix...please watch Grace and Frankie. A great show with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as women in their 70's married to law partners Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston. The men announce that they are leaving their wives in order to get married to each other. Funny, sad, real...and nice to see actors actually playing their age! Have you watched Longmire? Fantastic drama, beautifully acted about a sheriff trying to keep the peace in the area surrounding a Native American reservation. Really compelling. I agree with the Acorn recommendation. Try it for free and watch Agatha Raisin. I love Ashley Jensen!

SK Daniels said...

Regarding your thought, "Reminded me that I have no need for personal space; Grew up like that." Ah ha moment for me. It may be that the skill of getting just the right amount of people in our lives and conversely the right amount of personal space is highly underestimated and misunderstood. It might be a skill that is more like balancing a checkbook than a deep existential problem.

The Rachel looks great on you!