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I am a mother, a new grandmother, and a teacher. But whatever happens in my life, I keep sewing. I have worked as a political communicator and now as a teacher in my formal life. I have also written extensively on sewing. I have been a frequent contributor and contributing editor of Threads magazine and the Australian magazine Dressmaking with Stitches. My first book Sew.. the garment-making book of knowledge will be published in May 2018 and is available for pre-order from Amazon


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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Any interest in some summer sew-alongs?

Hi folks.

I have an idea and I would like to know if anyone is interested in what is a new idea for me.

How about two sew-alongs for the month of July?

I am thinking of sort of an all ages and stages leggings series and a similar swimwear (swimsuits and rash guards/sun shirts)  series.

Nothing too complicated at all but based on what I would like to tell new and returning sewers about sewing these basic garments so many are frightened of attempting. As usual my authority on this would be my own lessons of experience and that always includes my mistakes.

And because some folks are visual learners I would supplement the blog posts with some Youtube videos.

I am also thinking that I will give my ideas in parallel format - one for those with sergers/coverhems
and one for those working on a conventional machine.

And as always since this blog is a collaborative project, and since the smartest things said here are so often in the comments, I am looking forward to those with experience sewing these garments to pitching in with advice.

So my question of the day is this?

Who's interested?


Once I have some feedback I am going to put together a timetable and off we sew!


sallygardens said...

Yes!! To both!

joy zemrock said...

I am interested, especially in the leggings! My problem will be finding the time to participate. Work, family obligations and life in general eat up my time. I've also never done anything
Iike this, so I don't know what the expectations are. No matter what, I will be following your blog of the event, since I learn a lot this way.

tmd said...

I am. I’d love to see somebody else sew knits. I’m not 100% comfortable with the prevailing cavalier attitude about seam finishes generally (I don’t own a serger), and you, I’m certain, are not cavalier...

Barbara said...

Joy zero expectations! I will just post my own sewinh step by step and those who want can follow along, either as sewers or readers/viewers.

Unknown said...

I am interested in anything you post :)
I would be most interested in the bathing suit sew along. Although I've sewn lots of leggings, I would still like to see what you do - it is always interesting to see other people's methods.
(I have to figure out how to not be anonymous on posts - Rena)

Catherine Edwards said...

I'd be happy to join your sewalong for both these. I just bought the new Jalie leggings pattern and I'm also going to make a bathing suit and Jalie's new kimono pattern as a coverup. It would be great to sew along with others. I've never made a bathing suit and I'm a little intimidated by the bra cups part of it. I have a few swimsuit patterns, including two Jalie patterns (3350 and 0971) and the Closet Case Sophie. I want to make the Jalie lap suit (0971) first since I'm a senior masters swimmer and my regular (purchased) lap suit just collapsed, due to old age. Hope your sewalong goes!

BeccaA said...

I'd love to follow your sew alongs. I don't know if I will have time to participate, but I'm sure I'll learn some things watching how you do it. Between guests and travel this summer I may not be able to sew. I've made leggings and bathing suits but I'm sure you'll have advice for having a better finished product.

Anonymous said...

Yes please. Just started back sewing after twenty year break. Many of the knits on the market are new to me and any and all advice is appreciated.


Eirini said...

Actually I was about to start my first-ever swimming suit these days and I would appreciate some hand-holding!

Kamchick said...

Will be delighted to learn - especially about leggings. I have both a serger and a coverstitch machine which I am still learning to use well. I definitely learn much from all your posts, Barbara.

Wendy Huss said...

I would be interested in following along. I’ve been wanting to make a bathing suits for some time now.

MaryEllen said...

I’d love a leggings sew a long - good motivation for me

Kelly said...

Yes! I learn so much from following, if not able to participate, a sew along.

Deborah Glosek said...

I am definitely interest in this. So glad you thought of it!

Auntie Dini said...

Wondeful idea! I am particularly interested in making up some swimsuits for my granddaughters (although they call them “swimming costumes” - they live in the UK).

Unknown said...

I would be interested in doing any sew-along you wanted to do! Leggings and a bathing suit are both in my queue so this is very timely! I look forward to this!

kitty0313 said...

What a good - and generous - idea! Please count me in! I'm especially interested in the leggings and will make some for our Australian winter - but would enjoy reading along with the swimsuit project, too!

Anonymous said...

Yes please for the leggings Barbara.
Donna E

Martha said...

I would like to participate in both of your Sew-alongs. I've never made any leggings,and some swimsuits were sewn in the last century.

ג'יל said...

Yes, please- especially the swimsuit. I just bought the Vernazza 2 piece by Friday pattern company, but haven’t started on it yet. Looks like I was waiting for you!!! (I’m savoring your book, by the way- so great for a returnee like me). Thanks! Jill

patsijean said...

A leggings sew-along would be great.

Sheila Munro said...

I would love to join in with this, please share your knowledge and expertise with us all xx

Alison said...

I'd love a July sewalong particularly the swimsuit one, as I have been planning on making a new suit for wearing in the pool for my water exercises, and am sure that there are good tips for better construction than the time years ago when I made one

Mimi said...

Both sewalongs sound great! I've sewn both leggings and bathing suits but am interested to see anything you post on the subjects. I think that bathing suits are probably the most economical things I sew compared to the price of retail. Thanks for all the info you post, and I really appreciate your humor.

Anne van den Bosch said...

Ooh fantastic. I have a fear of leggings, which is as ridiculous as it sounds. I consider myself as a fairly courageous sewist, going happily along the path to a me-made wardrobe. Or at least a handmade wardrobe for my children. Let's say I make a fine t-shirt, be it fitted or with ease, bound neckline, round hem, good to go. But we're women with bellies and bottoms over here. And every. single. pair. of leggings I've attempted, from trying to sew with knits the first time, to returning to them with more skill, thinking now I'll tackle this laughingly, turned out too narrow in the rise, or too flappy in the thighs, or the seams at the crotch gave in bc of wrong fabric choice. I just lack the skill to combine choosing the right fabric with the proper ease. So I welcome an opportunity to learn from such a teacher as you. And I'll promise I'll try and not fear the swimwear, wrt my belly nor my sewing machine.

Anne B. said...

I so welcome these two sew alongs with much delight! I have attempted to sew my first leggings just 3 weeks ago. They turned out ok, but when I wear them to exercise, I always bring a second store bought pair with me to my workout sessions...just in case the seams pop and unravel (I have heard some crackling/ popping at the waist when putting them on). As for bathing suits, I thought I would overcome my fear of making them and start small by making one for my 10 yo niece. A sew along would be the perfect push I need and a sure way for her to get her bathing suit THIS summer!

Liese Sadler said...

Hello and Happy Canada Day!
That's a fair bit of work you're proposing for yourself but a big Yes to sew alongs, especially bathing suit since high quality suits are very expensive and worn out by the time they reach Good Will.

Thanks, Liese

Anonymous said...

I will love reading about any of it.....I'm pretty knit adverse in my sewing so I will probably just admire from afar.


LindaL said...

Yes I am interested in learning to sew leggings on a conventional machine. Although I may not always have the time to keep up with the sew a long, due to work obligations, I will follow along and save all the you tube videos you put up, so I can go back and review them. You are so inspiring - I can always learn from you. Really glad I found your blog.

Nancy JC said...

Barb, I too would love to tackle leggings. As with others, I will follow along...it would be fun to have finished a pair before we head into Autumn. Time flies in the summer!

Nicki said...

Yes to both! I just finished your book and it was great. I picked up a tip or two that have already improved my sewing, so thank you for that. I am terrified of sewing a bathing suit but would love to make something that fits just right. Thanks!

Brenda said...

Definitely interested in the swimsuit sew along!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Yes, I'm interested too!
By the way, when I first read about your book on your blog I requested the Toronto Public Library to order it ... well they have ... the following is copied from the TPL's catalogue this morning /Lynda in Toronto (persevering on Sewing Pattern Review)

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