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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Combining two patterns

Pardon the closed eye shot. Daisy looks good though. And yes that is a vintage table cloth of the map of Florida on the hall window. I am posting fast because Mr. Billy is on his way over for the day.
I am venturing more and more into pattern hack territory. This is something I feel I should do because everyone else is doing it.

If everyone jumped off a cliff would you do it too Barbara?

Well if it was about sewing I would certainly think about it.

Turned out better than I thought.

Much better.

Here is where this all started.

I decided I wanted a knit dress.

I am going to be with my mother for Mother's Day in a week, first time in a gazillion years, and I thought it was time to have a new dress to go with that.

I had some nice knit from Fabricville down the street, a poly knit that I thought would pack well. I looked through my knit dress patterns and found one I have not yet sewn, this one from Jalie:

Of course I am aware that I don't look exactly like this model. Even though she is standing still I haven't had a stomach that flat since I was a zygote.

However as discussed previously I am a risk taker.

So moving on I thought I liked this dress but I wish it had the neckline from my current favourite sleeveless top pattern:

I also do not look exactly like this, don't have the same bike helmet for example.
So then I had the radical idea to compare the two patterns, both have an underbust seam, and guess what? Perfect match.

This pattern hack business doesn't have to be that hard.

So by using two patterns to make one dress, this is what I came up with. I even made the flounce on the bottom, raw cut edge because it was easier and hung better.

I like too that this dress will work with an sort of stiff ottoman Helene cardigan I had made with sleeves so narrow that it can only be worn over sleeveless tops:

Who attached my grandmother's hands to my body?

Now all I want is for someone to get married soon because I would like to make this again with some lace in the top and in the flounce (the top is doubled at the front which would be helpful).

Wouldn't that look great?


Janet said...

Looks so nice! Great pattern hack. I agree that the incorporation of lace would be lovely!

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Barbara - I love your new dress! And that's why we get the garment we really want! You did a great job and should hack some more.

tmd said...

Turned out well—I like that the flounce seems less “flouncy” on yours than in the pattern mock-up. Re: sleeves, it seems like there ought to be some kind of standard descriptor for sleeves widths—small, medium and large, or maybe stick figure, gym-less and boxer. I find that, outside of pirate and peasant sleeves, I am utterly unable to tell if a pattern’s going to result in a sleeve I’m swimming in or one I can’t get my hand through. I know, I know, one is supposed to alter to fit, but if it’s too small, or comes with the barrel-cuff-and-pleat nightmare, who really does that? (I have that tablecloth as well. And a secret passion for flamingos. Wish Florida still had that kitschy charm...)

bbarna said...

What a beautiful dress! I have done lots of hacking over the years. It is usually the way to get exactly what you want! It suddenly reminded me that when I was 13, I hacked a favorite dress pattern to make maternity dresses for my mom. That pattern went through a lot of variations.

KS_Sews (Dressmakingbacles) said...

I've thought about it and never jumped over the cliff - I think I shall! :) I really love the final look. That neckline is spectacular.

Judith Newman said...

Dress turned out very well. Like the print. Enjoy wearing it!

Tracy King said...

It was t me (who attached your grandmothers hands to your arms)! Love the dress and lucky you and your mom. I haven’t seen mine in over a year and am reaching the limits of tolerance on the issue. Thanks, as always, for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Daisy DOES look good - is she staying close in case you are about to go out, I wonder? That's what my little dog does! Very pretty dress. Maybe you should get some lace just to be ready for the as yet unknown wedding.....?


garnet128 said...

The dress is so pretty. I love the fabric and your hack is right on target. Have to say, maybe I should be embarrassed but I had to google 'zygote'. It's either a new one on me or I forgot it 40 - 50 years ago. Maybe more? But I like it!

Unknown said...

Lovely dress and post! Ty

Carol said...

Your book arrives today. So excited. Won't get any sewing done.

Barbara said...

Wow Carol thanks, hope you get a smile or two from it!

Leigh said...

Love the dress! Great idea on that hack. goes nicely with the cardi.

SuzieB said...

Love that dress! It looks great on you - just the right blend of dressy & comfortable.

Jenerators said...

I've made that Jalie dress pattern (without the hack; I don't own the top pattern) at least three times, possibly 4. It is so quick and easy and fun. Recently I've been using a lot of fabric from Hey Penny who are based out of Canberra; the designs are FABULOUS and the quality is worth the cost of the fabric. I'd attach a picture of my latest but I can't work out how here.