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I am a mother, a new grandmother, and a teacher. But whatever happens in my life, I keep sewing. I have worked as a political communicator and now as a teacher in my formal life. I have also written extensively on sewing. I have been a frequent contributor and contributing editor of Threads magazine and the Australian magazine Dressmaking with Stitches. My first book Sew.. the garment-making book of knowledge will be published in May 2018 and is available for pre-order from Amazon


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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Video on trimming, clipping, grading and notching and one funny shirt story

Well folks today I was in at C&T, who are publishing my book, and was part of a Facebook live session on reducing bulk in sewing.

Here's the link.

It is aimed a new sewers and I hope it was useful to those who tuned in.

Those with shape eyes will notice the first thing I did. I am in my bare feet, very professional. Being tall I took my shoes off so it was easier for the person holding the phone - I am helpful that way.

And am I the only one who sews with her shoes off?

Hands up.

When I left the office my phone rang and it was my youngest son. He started off the conversation like this,

"Mom I have sort of bad news and I don't want you get upset."

Well any mother I knows heart stops right then.

He continued.

"Remember that wind energy conference I went to? "

"Well I wore that electrical circuit shirt you made me and the client went nuts."

"Give me that order and I will give you the shirt off my back I said."

"Well mom the p.o. just came in."

"Is it hard for you to make another shirt? I loved that shirt."

Sure kiddo.

Just let me kick off these shoes.


Anonymous said...

Well I learned something new. Didn't know about reversing the grading for the lapel.Billiant! Everyone should learn at least one new thing each day. Loved the bare feet and the shirt story. Everyone should have chuckle or two each day. Thanks for both. Glad to see the Trendy Tunic sewn up in your previous post. My pattern is at the copy shop. It would make a great dress.

Just thought of something else. Would you also use the interfacing trick when you cut to the dot on the curve at the bottom of the fly just before the curve for the crotch starts ? Does that make any sense? I'm making Jalie pull on jeans. On my third pair. I feel like Goldilocks, one pair a little too big, one pair a little too small, hope pair three is just right.

Donna E

Anonymous said...

Now that is quite the compliment!!! Where did you get that fabric?

SewRuthie said...

:-) hope you can get some more fabric!

Anne van den Bosch said...

Thank you, for both the post which made me laugh (in the slightly teary way all mind suffer from now & then) and the eye opening video.

Anne Frances said...

Do you have to be on facebook to see the video? I can hear it when I click the link but there is an apparently unremovable pop-up asking me to sign into facebook blocking the video. I'm not going onto facebook, so maybe the video will have to remain hidden. I love the story about the shirt - and it is a great shirt.

Anonymous said...

OK, but son needs some feedback - the "I have some bad news don't get upset" opener should be reserved for medical issues, marital disasters, etc. Shirts we can fix. One only has so many heart stops in one's repertoire and they need to be conserved.

It is a great shirt.


Barbara said...

Anne Frances - I watched it just fine without logging into FB

ElleC said...

Anne Francis, I don't like Facebook either, but I got tired of not being able to see stuff other people have made, so I made up a name and use it only for seeing stuff I can't see any other way. I have no online friends, I just belong to groups. It works for me.

Arline Johnson said...

I couldn't watch it unless I joined Facebook. Is there any other way? I don't want to miss anything you have to tell us!!

Barbara said...

I am pretty sure you have to have to have some strategy to get on to Facebook to see this video, good suggestions above. We did make some other videos though and they will be up on Youtube in May, I will let you know when that happens.

Barbara said...

Donna yes I think the same technique would work in any seam that needs to switch the public side.

coutureelllen said...

I agree with Ceci- "I have some bad news..." is for really bad news. A stranger loving your son's shirt is not bad news, it's great news! The stranger is right; it's a great shirt.

The Wooden Berry said...

I always sew with my shoes off. Can’t believe he gave the shirt away!! Kids! You’re an awesome mom to not be angry. I’ll go watch the video now ��

Kay said...

I know I knew the rules for grading once, but I seem to have forgotten them. Thank you, I will watch this first thing in the morning.

I ALWAYS sew with my right shoe off. I can't control the pedal properly with a shoe on, whether it's a slipper, flip flop, or sneaker. Just doesn't work. Makes it hard to do much sewing in the dead of winter, but what are you gonna do?

Love the circuit shirt story, but I hope the PO was large enough to make it worth giving the client the shirt off his back. :-) And I agree with ceci that Son needs a gentle reminder to save the "bad news" phrase for the really bad stuff (although "don't be mad" is appropriate here). You raised some really good people.

Meme said...

Your video is fantastic. Great hints for both newbies and veteran sewists. Thanks for the preview of your book.

Janet said...

I loved your video. You are a very personable and engaging speaker! Please do more!

AJW said...

OMG what a story from your son! I just love it! Hope you can make him another shirt -- the kid is gem!

SuzyQ said...

I watched the "clip and trim" video, and it was most useful! As it happens, I was working on a dress with a fully lined yoke (scoop neck). The instructions were silent on any treatment other than sewing around the neck hole. After watching your video, I decided this curve needed clipping and trimming. A little scary to make assumptions! I think the yoke definitely lays flatter now. The pattern also didn't mention clipping and trimming the sleeve seam -- I assume I should do the same there? Anyhow, thanks for the timely tip!

Leigh said...

Sure hope you can find more of that fabric! Heading off to watch the vid.

Marie Donnelly said...

Soooo helpful. Thank you. When the pattern said "trim", I trimmed. Alas, I didn't grade and that's why my sewing had that home-made look. Interfacing the dots is brilliant. Thank you for the great tips.