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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Quick pattern view : Trendy tunic from Love Notions

We have been on the road for a bit now, seriously amazing camping in the desert between Texas and California. However along with the cactus and mountains we lost a bit of connectivity so I have been only sporadically online.

I am brewing more on our style series but felt a review of this pattern was long overdue so I should do that first.

Continuing in my investigation of indie patterns I made my own version of Love Notions' Trendy Tunic.

There are about 8 million longish tunic patterns out there so this one attracted me because it was a little different. Here are the line drawings:

I liked the look of the pockets, I have said before that it reminded me of a clothespin bag (also useful). Since I am driving around in an RV not a fabric store (not that I'm not trying) I put this experimental version together out of bits and pieces.

Styled with hair that needed cutting and full living in the bush make-up which would be none.

It was clear that the pockets were going to require a fabric with body so I used a piece of ottoman I have stashed away in the space in the bunk area above the cab of the rv. It was part of the collection of bits and pieces I have not fully disclosed to the man who thinks we are travelling light.

For the sleeves I used some patterned jersey that was not enough to make anything but these two sleeves. 

And finally for reasons discussed in our conversation on colour, I squeezed the colour and cuffs out of some cotton lycra I brought with me under some impression that I would be making underwear in my spare time. As opposed to walking around looking at rocks and cacti which is actually pretty interesting.

I realize that the neck and cuffs of this top look a bit like a little boys jammies but then again I have always had a soft spot for little boys in their jammies.

I really wasn't sure if an A-line tunic would suit me, don't wear them a lot. However it turns out that the comfort and utility of this top really appeal to me. The large deep pockets are great for picking things up off the floor that you will put away later, for dog walks, and for sewing supplies like seam rippers that go off on their own if they are not in a pocket.

I also think this tunic could be easily lengthened into quite a nice practical dress. You could also add a cowl neckline if you felt one might be nice.

So when I get home I am pretty sure I will be making a few more of these for real life wear.

Now what do you think?


wendy said...

I like the lines of this and can definitely see it lengthened as a short sleeved summer dress. Especially love the pockets!

Sewandread said...

I think you've made a great tunic with a touch of Marcy Tilton with different fabric for panels and sleeves. It's a great idea to lengthen it to a dress and would be ideal to wear with boots for winter.

Karey said...

It looks super useful and comfy. I love the backstory too.

thornberry said...

I really like it on you, and especially like the pops of red! I adore that you sew while you're on the road.

Diana Griswold said...

I like it. Especially the pocket. Would be a great dress.

ElleC said...

I like this very much, which makes me question the strength of my opinions. I took one look at the pattern and thought no way, don't like, never will, definitely not for me. It seems I have the spine of a jellyfish, because after seeing yours I have to make one. But never as a dress 8-D.

Scenic Route said...

great make! Well done :-) I never would have looked twice at this with just the line drawing--now I'm intrigued

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I really like the line drawings and your rendition. Absolutely love the red trim. Did not even consider the "jammies" factor until I read your take on it!

While I like the pattern, I am not sure I would make it for myself. I am still in corporate mode, so have limited use of completely casual clothing. And I would have to adapt the proportions--have a feeling it would dwarf me! With a few pattern and lifestyle adjustments, it would be a winner!


Nursebennett said... look great, and now there is another pattern I want. Sigh. Love the pockets! Wonder how’d it would look if now two pieces were the same fabric? I’ve so many knit scraps that aren’t big enough butnare too big to toss. Could always be PJs, I suppose!

Nana said...

Love the pattern.....even better, the mix of fabrics really make the lines of the pattern stand out. May look into this one for myself.
thanks for sharing.

Allison Bingham said...

I love tunics now and this is gorgeous! I want to make one...

Paulean said...

hysterical laughter from here in Melbourne. Trying to pack reading and sewing things in the caravan, I have often found the items back in the hoouse along with cries of "the weight, the weight". God forbid a sewing machine would ever make the cut.

Pattyskypants said...

Can you analyze what went wrong with the neckline? It seems a bit bunched.