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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Pause in tonight's posting

Sorry folks but tonight's hemming post will go up tomorrow. After supper I decided to adjust the tension on the Rocketeer myself and did a great job of taking in apart.

However every time I go to put it back together I have a part left over. Every time in fact it is a different part.

The evening has got away from me.

FYI sewing machine service is not something you can eyeball or do by intuition.

Back on track with the posts tomorrow, right now I figure it might be a good idea if I call it a day tonight.

Tell me you do things like this ....


Summer Flies said...

Yes... I think when you can make things, and fix things, you think you can do everything and so you try. Most times it works out but sometimes... parts left over. "how hard can it be?" is my go to question. Sometimes it is. Having a go we say here.

KathyS said...

Not often, fortunately. Once I undid the wrong screw on my overlocker and threw the timing out. That was an expensive mistake. Hope you can fix your machine soon.
I am enjoying your hemming posts, very much. Thank you.

jirons42 said...

You are brave. I know how mechanically inclined I am NOT so I wouldn't touch it but I have a friend who could probably take the machine apart and put it back together in no time flat. Wish I had that skill.

AJW said...

You are much braver than I. But I'm sure you'll be able to fix this. I am loving your hem posts -- extremely informative. Thank you.

Ellen Miller said...

Yup. I am always trying to "fix" my Brother ZigZag machine. Not so sucessful...
Why do we never take pictures with our phones as we take things apart? That would be so clever of us!!!!

Laceflower said...

I ONLY do this if there aren't a lot of parts and then I line them up in the order I take it apart so there is some sort of method for success. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

All the time. Took the oven door apart, three days before Christmas, to clean it. Don't ask. Had to call a repair man friend to put it back together for us. Repair man's parting words, "Hang a dish towel over it next Christmas." Never been brave enough to tackle my sewing machine.

Sheila said...

You are so brave and talented, stop beating yourself it will look better after a rest. Love your hem posts, they have caused me to try again with my cover stitch.

Jean said...

I have done this. Took apart the entire bobbin casing of my sewing machine to find the huge gob of lint down there -the source of the problems it had, I believe. But, I could not, for the life of me, get that bobbin casing back together properly. It just wouldn't go! So, it had to go to the shop. Probably for the best.

I took have taken my oven door apart not once, but twice. And had to get help to put it back together.

Probably I shouldn't do any of this. Ever.

Linda T said...

Next time, take a video while taking it apart--then you can play it back to see how the parts go back together.

annie said...

Some years ago, my husband decided to replace the clutch in a standard shift car. Took two weeks of 8 hour days. Late on the last night he was finished. Except there was a metal washer sort of thing left behind. Car operated perfectly for years afterward without that piece of metal.

Anonymous said...

Years ago I was dropping my sewing machine off for a spa visit and someone came in with a very classy high tech model with a baggie full of parts that she couldn't figure out how to get back in......I was fascinated at her bravery!


Sasha said...

I dunno, I fixed the timing on my serger by eye and trial. I sent it to the repair shop and it came back better but not fixed, and I was on a deadline, and couldn't use it as it I did it. Since that time I've purchased service manuals for my machines and fixed all sorts of stuff, and cleaned and updated a vintage Necchi Julia and have a few more machines waiting in the wings.

This magical ability is pretty much limited to my stuff, funny how that worked out.

Sue said...

A co-worker once taught me to put a white paper towel nearby. As you remove pieces you lay them on the paper towel in order. Much easier to reverse engineer and put it back together and there are never pieces left over. Enjoying your posts.