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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hélène Cardigan and Talia pants

I have made both of these patterns before and since I liked them both I decided to make a sort of informal pants suit out of the pair of them.

The Hélène cardigan from Jalie is probably one of the most enjoyable patterns I have sewn in a long time. It is interesting to see how it goes together and it provides a more tailored looking cardigan in a knit (which is why my white version ended up being my daughter's lab coat) than most other patterns.

For this version, since I knew I was going to wear it with pants, I lengthened it by 2", also helpful as I am tall. I am not sure if I will add that much next time, but it works here.

I used the same ottoman knit for the jacket that I used for the knit Adeline dress a few posts back and I used some rayon challis for the pants. I made these short as per current style and they are so comfortable.

The Talia's have a flat front and an elastic waist only at the back which is flattering and eliminates bulk where I don't need it.

A pretty easy pair to sew and very practical.

Next, after many months of doing basics sewing and sewing for folks in the family I am stepping out and trying new patterns to wear in the pool with the kids.

Brace yourself for that one.


BeccaA said...

You look very chic in your new suit. Chic and comfortable is a wonderful combination.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say elegant and comfortable. You look great.
I am dittoing BeccaA.
Vancouver Barbara

AlaskaBerninaGirl said...

Love this outfit. It looks great on you! but where are those cute matching navy shoes? Can't wait to see the pool things.

Anonymous said...

Wow, things are so green and lush there - our August dry spell seems to have started in July this year and the plants are gasping! I remember liking this jacket a lot when you made it in the white, and the navy is great too....I'm having few occasions that demand quite so put together a look, but this seems comfortable and approachable.


SuzieB said...

You've created a fantastic outfit-very stylish, great fit, very practical. I also loved your navy dress from a few posts back (trying to catch up) but those suede cross strap shoes are to die for! Awaiting your swimwear post-

Anonymous said...

Wow! This look is awesome! It is always a delight to read and see what you have sewn etc. Thanks for the inspiration and good spirits you project. ... Lynda from Toronto

Anonymous said...

I hadn't noticed this pattern before. What a find! The collar/neckline detail is very flattering. I'm now on the hunt for a sweater knit.
You're one of my favorite bloggers. Thanks for putting it all out there!