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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Adeline dress in woven

A post or so ago I showed you the knit Adeline dress by Stylearc I made and loved.

Of course despite the fact this is a woven pattern I found it was very successful in a knit.

Well yesterday a group from my sewing guild met for a sew and BBQ day and I decided this would be a good time to make up a house dress version.

I really think there is a role in life for house dresses.

You know what I mean.

Dresses in sturdy fabrics that are fine for vacuuming with pockets to put in the weird spare stuff you find on your floors and must pick up. Dresses that are great to throw on when someone comes to the door and you and the dog are just schlepping around eating cereal and drinking tea at 10:00 a.m. Dresses that don't require much maintenance as in ironing and don't stick to your body or restrict your movements so you can pull the green bin to the curb in them and then go shopping.

The sort of dress that requires your only accessory needs to be underwear and flip flops.

Well I had just the fabric for a dress like that, a sort of cotton printed duck that I picked up once at Hobby Lobby because I liked the colours.

We had a great day BTW. I like to see what everyone else makes and the hostess, Cindy, has a to die for sewing space in her basement.

So after I finished my dress I threw it on and we did a few quick shots.

What is most interesting about these shots is the background. My styling apparently didn't involve the sense to brush my hair after I had pulled this dress on.

This may be one of my all time favourite patterns, and certainly is not the last one I will make.

Now is this a house dress or is this a house dress?

I love it!


Brenda said...

This dress is cute! I'm having trouble with the label of house dress. It seems like a perfect dress for plenty of occasions. : )

Chrisagriff2 said...

A couple of my favorite wearable muslins are house dresses! Plus, a couple of dresses that have faded a bit too much for work, but fine for answering the door for pizza! House dresses with pockets are the bestest :) This one is super cute.

JuliaRu said...

I like both dresses you've made from this pattern. I tend to get mixed results with a cut-on sleeve. sometimes it feels like there's too much fabric under my arms. do you have any fitting tips for that?

Anonymous said...

You sold me! That's the description of my life perfectly. I'm going to make some house dresses. You look great, by the way.

Patricia said...

It looks great! Pretty fabric, and I'd wear it anywhere. I made this pattern in white linen, but think the sizing ran a bit big and it slips side to side across the shoulders. Now I see your version, I am inspired to try again smaller.

Mary Deeter said...

I love it too Barb! I showed it to my husband and said "Doesn't she look like she could be my best friend?" Keep it coming...

LWS said...

Just the other day I was wondering whatever happened to house dresses. My Grandmother used to wear them (ladies didn't wear pants in those days) but my modern mother wore jeans and I followed suit. You are right though: dresses without waists are much cooler and more comfortable. I feel inspired to make some -- though not with this pattern, I think. Cut on sleeves do not work with my full bust. Any other recommendations?

Anonymous said...

The disconnect for me is that my grandmother had what she called house dresses that were NOTHING like this - sort of limp and faded. My mother had what she called her uniforms, a couple sturdy cotton dresses made new each spring and worn all summer, after which they were pretty ratty and disappeared. This looks more like the uniform version.....very cute and practical! On a different front, I hope Miss D is recovered from her operation?


Anonymous said...

Barbara, love your 'house dress' and the knit version also. Did you level out the hem on this one or is it longer in the back also?

Donna E

Sewingelle said...

Oh yes. Bring back house dresses that you wear everywhere when you need to be cool and comfortable. You've sold me on this pattern.l.

sewingkm said...

Yes, yes, bring back the housedress! I have my favorite pattern which I've sewn 4 times and love 'em! Yours is adorable! Karen

mrsmole said...

Not so sure StyleArc had a house dress in mind when they produced this "trendy" pattern but you look so cool and happy with pockets big enough to stuff anything in there...even a cat!

Cuscini said...

On the Curvy Sewing Collective Facebook page, someone recently posted a make of Butterick 6416 lengthened to a dress in cotton ticking so she "didn't have to wear much underneath and (could) still be modest." She looked very hot because of the weather, and yet the dress looked so cool and she looked just great in it. I am obsessed with it and with yours as well!

I remember my Italian nonna wearing cool, lovingly faded dresses like this in her house and garden. Why did these seem to go out of use and get replaced by, um, nothing? For a time, the sloppy home sweatshirt was the winter answer, but there's no easy at-home alternative for hot weather, is there?

Like you, I recently left full-time work, and I'm really thinking I'd like something like this as an comfortable alternative to my usual shorts and stick-to-your-body t-shirt!
Giuditta from Cape Cod

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

Oh I love this pattern too, and have made it three times now. Love your version...a very smart looking house dress indeed.

Laceflower said...

Whadday mean underwear?