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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Brooklyn pants not in a church basement

I am having another shot at shots of the Brooklyn pants.

I realize that the down in the church basement shots of my last post were not particularly edifying, so I had some more pictures taken. One in the front yard at home in Halifax and the other one in my mom's porch in Winnipeg.

These knit pants are obviously ideal for traveling.

I love them, something you probably were not able to do when you saw the original dark shots. They are super comfortable. I like the stylish new leg shape. Excellent pockets, trim waist, and to tell you the truth that slightly lower crotch is really comfortable. The only construction change I made was to flatten the elastic for about 8 " at centre front in the waistband casing and sew a vertical seam up either end to make sure there were not discernible gathers over my belly.

Suffice it to say that my 18 year old niece has asked me to make a pair for her - I went out and just got fabric to do that today in fact. 18 year olds generally do not want to dress exactly like me, which might surprise you.

So here are some updated shots. I am wearing them with a bamboo knit Marie-Claude top from Jalie, more on that pattern later.

In the meantime lets give these pants another chance:


Alison said...

These looks really good, comfortable and dressy, a combination that is hard to find

Anonymous said...

A very nice silhouette. Ditto Alison above. Your top is gorgeous – great colour on you.
Vancouver Barbara

Nursebennett said...

I can't imagine why any age wouldn't want to dress like you, or look like you. You look stylish, fit, very modern and chic. I like very much the bit of relaxed style of these pants. I may spring for this one on Amazon, so I get multiple sizes. Love that top, too!

theresa said...

I'm in agreement with Nursebennett, and I don't usually wear knits. I may change, as you said, these would make ideal travel pants.

Theresa in Tucson

Jane Phillips said...

What is the pants pattern? Looks like a good one!

Barbara said...

Jane it's Stylearc's Brooklyn knit pant.

Anonymous said...

So now we know why so few fashion shoots take place in church basements. Another great top, too!