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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Flypaper thoughts last night in San Francisco version

  • Spent a week here with the kids
  • Who needless to say are good sports
  • Really, really good sports
  • Just ask them
  • Interesting trip
  • First leg with my mom being the kid
  • Next leg with my kid being the mom
  • Things change but that also brings in such nice surprises
  • Got to know my daughter-in-law a little better
  • Let me tell you this family sure scored with that one
  • So kind, thoughtful, and interesting
  • They are a unit, a good unit
  • It doesn't get any better than that
  • For your kid or for his mother
  • What did I do here?
  • Went to Britex which was nice but very overpriced
  • Strong sense that my NYC garment district negotiating skills would not get me far
  • Feel shrugging and walking away would just lead to 
  • Well them watching me walk away
  • As opposed to saying
  • I can give it to you for ... probably more than the marked price actually
  • Had lovely folks in a another store show me the inside of designer clothes
  • Pics to come
  • Walked and walked and walked
  • Up hills more than down hills
  • Not sure how they do that
  • This city is so beautiful you can't compare it to anything else
  • Reminded me more of Europe than anywhere else
  • Need to get the travel wardrobe down much better
  • Continuing my policy of packing mostly shoes and clothes for some other climate
  • Middle son is moving to Austin Texas
  • This family, honestly
  • They know there is no point
  • I will just come and visit
  • Got the spouse seeing what the state parks are like in Texas
  • What I am learning about packing
  • You don't need to pack three hats
  • You do need to a pack one sweater
  • Just because the label says California this town isn't
  • People smile here
  • I am sure I recognize that smell in the air
  • The bus driver is driving a bus until he can sell his software idea
  • I am considering calling my fabric collection
  • A non profit based start up investment concept
  • Going to sell my husband on the concept of being a VC
  • Have to explain that means venture capitalist not very confused
  • Which he often is when I explain I am spending money to save money
  • Or I might if I could get the start up part of this operation launched
  • Before the first quarter
  • Or new pattern releases whatever comes first
  • Borrowed a dog to walk from son's co-worker
  • Walked across the Golden Gate bridge which is orange
  • That part without the dog
  • Went to the first winery started by a migrant worker
  • Gave dating advice to son's co-worker
  • A topic I really know a lot about
  • He's doing tons of first dates from some app
  • I have three sisters so I know what women want I said
  • Did not mention that all sisters, plus myself, have seen menopause come and go
  • Good advice is still good advice
  • I thought he was pretty impressed
  • Son cleared the table
  • Well at least I scored some dog walking didn't I?
  • Tomorrow back for another short stop with my mom
  • The kids can recover 
  • Then home
  • Did I mention I got a new Juki serger and cover hem?
  • More on that later
  • Got a real deal
  • Just ask my VC


Rose said...

Nice write up! If you are still in SF and if you have space in your suitcases, you should consider getting to Fabrix at 432 Clement in San Francisco. They can have some nice surprises. In any case, I'm glad that you are enjoying your visit,

Rose in SV

Nursebennett said...

I hear the roads in Texas are terrible for motor homes. When we were motorhoming we avoided that state, but often heard that complaint from others. Something to do with the grade of the roads. Can't wait to hear about the Juki and which cover stitch machine you got.

Marianne said...

Best stash description I've ever heard!

theresa said...

There are some lovely state parks in Texas. We have stayed at two, one at Llano, near a turkey preserve (woke up to find ourselves surrounded by turkeys) and another at Balmorhea (pronounced Bal-mor-ay), both not too far off I-10. Another, near El Paso, was always full. As to the condition of state roads, that depends. Some state roads are almost like the interstate. Last year we went to Fredericksburg, in the Hill Country, and the road were super. I have a soft spot for Texas, I married a Texan and spent three years in the Army there. Texas is big enough to have everything.

Theresa in Tucson

Lisa Danny-Roberts said...

The more things change the more they stay the same.
Thirty years ago I took a cab in SF, I was touring law schools to see which one I was going to attend. The cab driver had blue hair and a ring in his nose.

He had just graduated from the law school I was thinking of going to, he was waiting for his band to make it big.

Kathleen Meadows said...

I lived in SF for 2 years almost 30 years ago now (graduate school) and loved this place so much after returning to Canada (Kitchener ON) I set my sights on the SF of Canada (Victoria BC was the closest I could come up with) but I will always treasure my time there. Congratulations on your new Juki serger and coverstitch! I can't wait to read how you are enjoying it (hint: review!) Still looking forward to your book and hearing more about that too!

Catherine said...

Hope you love Texas. A little something for everyone there, it's so big. Don't know about the campgrounds though. Love the capital venture idea. I'll have to give that one a go here and see if it flies.

Italianlady said...

I enjoyed the way you wrote it up this time.

AlaskaBerninaGirl said...

Your adventures sound so fun! How long does it take to walk across the GG Bridge? and did you walk alone?

Anonymous said...

I'm heading off tomorrow (Melbourne time) to test the Juki coverstitch machine - I've heard good things about it, but it costs quite a bit more than the Janome. Looking forward to your review :-)


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad SF lived up to the advance billing! Re bringing hats to SF, I have had to go buy a sun hat my last 2 visits, somehow it doesn't occur to me until I get there that I need one! So maybe you are just ahead of the game?