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I am a mother, a new grandmother, and a teacher. But whatever happens in my life, I keep sewing. I have worked as a political communicator and now as a teacher in my formal life. I have also written extensively on sewing. I have been a frequent contributor and contributing editor of Threads magazine and the Australian magazine Dressmaking with Stitches. My first book Sew.. the garment-making book of knowledge will be published in May 2018 and is available for pre-order from Amazon


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Monday, May 1, 2017

A podcast test experiment

Hi folks let's test out a new and easier way for me to podcast. Let me know if this works for you and if you think some of these informal while I sew podcasts might be of any interest.

Here we go

Sewing on the edge's May 1 podcast 



Terry Carter said...

I just listened to your blog and I enjoyed listening to your voice and hearing your ideas But I have to know-did you finish with Stan Rogers or did my computer just throw that in here? He is one of my husband's favourite artists and he was so often played in our house but now that Gary is ill and not at home it caught me quite by surprise. Best of luck,

bbarna said...

Hello Barb. I enjoyed the podcast. I had a couple of thoughts- it would be great to know the length of it ahead of time. Sometimes I just don't have a big chunk of time to sit at the computer, so it would be good to know. A short, one sentence synopsis of the content would also be nice.
I have gone back to sewing for myself after years of quilting and doing almost no garment sewing. I am enjoying it a lot. I have sewn since the age of 11, with some assistance from my maternal grandmother when she was still alive. I sewed for my children, and other family members, but stopped in the 90's when quilting made a big comeback. The fact that I run a longarm business also played into it.
There is definitely too much advertising on the internet in general. I don't want to have to click through a dozen sites just to find what I want. I tend to avoid going back to sites that are annoying to navigate.
I am looking forward to more sewing pictures and posts, and more about the book when you are able.
Happy Sewing,

Angela said...

I listened to your podcast - laughed out loud several times, enjoyed it - and would definitely listen in if you choose to make more. And I'm most certainly looking forward to your books release! :)

Xpresso said...

Minimalist podcast works for me Barb.
I'll look forward to more of your sewing wisdom.
I saved all your posts from a year or so ago where you gave such good instruction.
I understand about using your hands - have been using my Featherweight for a project. Down right low tech but I can fix just about anything.
Teri on the left coast,
(who is working our own provincial election coming up on May 9.)

jirons42 said...

I really enjoyed listening to your podcast. It's "down to earth" format was perfect. It's was like listening to a sewing buddy. I can't wait for your book to be published.

Helen Marshall said...

Hi Barb
It's nice to hear you speak! When the unleashed sewing in new shapes is done, we'll want pictures again, but when you want to chat about life the universe and everything a podcast that's easy to access- as this one was- is fine by me. I'll listen to it while I do things like sew on buttons. I'm in love with my new fancy Juki machine, but continue to use the faithful basic Elna that has chugged along with me for 20 years when I attend a sewing class. Moreover, like you I enjoy feeling the fabric, so I always do buttons by hand and usually hem, finish collars and cuffs with hand stitching too.
Now that the book is done, will you be contributing again to Australian Stitches? I really enjoyed your columns.

Kathie said...

Hello, Barbara... What a treat to hear your voice! Your podcast was spot on...from my vantage point, there was nothing minimalist about it. It adds a lovely additional dimension to our "friendship" with you! I, for one, will listen whenever you choose to record your thoughts.

elke said...

Minimalist is just fine with me. I enjoyed listening to you, and I so agree about the 'monetized' blogs. Another fan of the mechanical Berninas here.

LinB said...

All voice, black screen.

Kathleen Meadows said...

I really enjoyed listening to your podcast. Why?
- it was clear as a BELL like you were in the room with me
- that flow of consciousness from one place to the next was entertaining
- amazingly few ahs and umms!
- natural - unaffected
- so authentic to who you are (experienced, opinionated, confident, humourous and so Canadian, eh?!)
What would I change if it were up to me?
- nudge you to get it on itunes even though it's a pain because I like to listen to podcasts in my living room where I can plug my ipod into my stereo system and sew while I'm listening AND it updates any new podcasts from someone I subscribe to automatically
- I would encourage you to interview other sewists who may have a different view from your own which would make it even more funny and lively than it already is
- I would like to hear more about your thoughts on notions and tools - I found your discussion re Bernina really interesting...
So there you have it.
I look forward to more podcasts and getting my hands on your book next year. Your husband describes it as "homespun" (which is a great sales pitch to me) but I suspect it won't look anything like you think it will right now anyway :)
Thank you always for inspiring me to keep on with what I love to do the most too - sew!

sdBev said...

I hope this is not terribly offense. I come to blogs to read and generally just click away when someone has posted a video or podcast. I understand the love for the other mediums but hope they will not prevent you from making your wonderful written posts.

karenviser said...

This podcast hit the spot! I am in a similar position as you, having quit an extremely satisfying part time job so I could spend all my time making things. It's the only thing I want to do these days and since I hit 60 I am realizing that time is finite. I like hearing that you think it is worthwhile to spend time sewing. I sometimes feel guilty because I have the freedom to sew and make as much as I want - but I do realize that I'm not doing the world any favors by being a miserable martyr. I try to share and pass on my good mood as much as I can. And I have become the go-to person when you need an excuse not to do something. I can rationalize anything! I would like to hear your thoughts on these ideas. I know
that it wouldn't be interesting to young sewists but I think many struggle with letting themselves spend time in the sewing room. You have so many wise and well expressed thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your podcast, the tea breaks, stuff in the oven, and riffing on why an old Bernina is enjoyable to use. I have an old all steel Bernina and while I would never buy another machine, your affirmation of why it is fun to use is affirming. Listened to it on an old iPhone turned into a iPod for home use in checking email and web surfing when I'm not near a computer. I'm not a great listener but I stayed glued to your podcast all the way through to the end.

Barbara said...

SdBev I like to write and the written blog is my home base. I was just thinking, and I know this sounds nuts, but if I could chat while I did a little sewing that would be a social thing sort if an every now and then add on not a replacement.

Sydney Brown said...

I enjoyed it very much, so casual and comfortable as well as interesting. It was very clear. I had no problem understanding you. I am looking forward to your book.

Kathy Russell said...

Not working. It keeps saying theres a problem

Barkcloth said...

Dear Barbra, could you please remove my last name from my comment? I want to be known by you, but not by everybody else. Thanks! Hilda

Louisa said...

That was just like having you in the same room while I was knitting! I did miss being able to chat back to you though. Heh. I don't need the music and stuff so minimal and unedited is ok with me. I listen on my iPad - the same as I read your blog.

I know what you mean - I never succumbed to a new sewing machine since my 40-year-old Pfaff still works beautifully. I do have a relatively new (only 10!) serger though. I'm glad your book writing process has been so enjoyable for you. I'm sure t's an amazing amount of work! Can you tell us the publisher or is that a secret? Anyway all the best with it, Barbara! You're proving we older very experienced sewers do have something worth sharing.

Barbara said...

Hilda not sure I can see the comment you would like me to remove. Can you point it out?

JuliaRu said...

I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts, and am looking forward to your book. please continue!

Phylly said...

I enjoyed the podcast just the way it was, oven and tea drinking were just fine. It was like being in the sewing room beside you. I also enjoy your blog and am glad that you will keep it up.
Hugs, Phylly

Alison aka indigotiger said...

I really enjoyed your "minimal podcast"... I love reading your blog, but also enjoy when I have a chance to actually listen to the person as well, it adds another dimension. I thought your podcast was delightfully conversational, as I listened to it while sitting and unpicking some seams, it sort of felt like you were keeping me company! The sound quality was excellent and the informality was really pleasant. I encourage you to add these to your blog as you are inspired to, and I am glad that you are also planning on continuing to write...

Barkcloth said...

Just my last name 'Bouma', Thank you!

Barkcloth said...

And sorry for misspelling your name, Barbara. Maybe you can add the a too? :-)

Sue Hobbs said...

Hi Barbara. I enjoyed your little chat while you pinned your pants together. That love of sewing and knitting is a vital part of who I am too. Any outfit I put on that does not include at least one hand knit or sewn item is just not right! Giving myself permission to sew is a challenge for me too. I am easing back into sewing and learning to really love it again. Thanks for your encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up from me - I thoroughly enjoyed it - more please!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed hearing your voice (so Canadian.....all those Florida weeks are not adding any drawls) and don't miss the "production" stuff. I suspect your radio and teaching experience have contributed to the beautiful lack of ummmm and you know that mars so many oral presentations. Great "while sewing" listening - I cut out some sun hats with you keeping me company!

Thanks so much.


Bernice Francisco said...

Hi Barb,
I just listened to your podcast while hemming a blouse. I enjoyed hearing your thoughts very much and would love to listen to more. All was fine technically - I had no problem hearing you clearly. I like the informaility.
Thanks so much.

Kathleen said...

Hi, I just listened to your podcast and I really think it's great and a pleasure to listen to. It fits your blog perfectly (and your blog is my number 1 and I follow a lot of blogs!). I love the casualness (the tea drinking and asking for something out of the oven), but I also really liked the content and reflecting on sewing.

It really resonated with me as my youngest child started school this year and after many years of sewing around my children I should now have found myself with more sewing time - instead I feel guilty about taking the time to do it and instead have an impossibly long list of house chores and child related activities that I feel I must get done before I can take the time to sew (even though 90% of my sewing is actually for my kids).

It's really given me something to think about.

Oh and I can't wait to for your book to come out.

Thanks so much

Sueann Walter said...

Perfect, just perfectly natural and I loved it. Please do more.