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Friday, April 7, 2017

Fashion has you covered

What do you think about this?


Brenda said...

Thank you for the link. I'm glad that younger women will feel they have choices. Me? I've always embraced a sleeve or a longer skirt when I want to.

Laceflower said...

I'm very encouraged and relieved that the naked faze is OVER. I also like long and flowy. One of the first things I made as a teen was a maxi dress.

kim nath said...

I agree with the premise of the general trend but I don't see much of this in pittsburgh, at least not in the young. But then we are usually a few years behind on the fashion front around here.

Brenda said...

Fashion is always changing and always will. Youngsters will always wear what is shocking and what they can get away with. (I'm 60) I sew and make my skirts at a length that I like, I add sleeves if I want, I remove sleeves, I take in, I let out. It is easy to make "fashion" changes. Good fit and wearing what you like and what is appropriate to the situation is what matters. Brenda, the 2nd

MizzSmartyPants said...

I'm really happy about this trend. I've already started to stock pile a good number of evening wear patterns that are beautiful, but have sleeves so that I can continue to make myself new gowns that I feel comfortable wearing for many years.

Anonymous said...

All those naked ladies just look cold to me (in the winter) or in danger of sunburn (in the summer); so this basically looks like a good thing.


Anonymous said...

I hope this sticks around. I like not worrying about wardrobe malfunctions at work or when I'm not at work, too. I do avoid some of the bigger shirts and dresses for fear of starting any pregnancy rumors.

Ali Garnett said...

The connection between uncertain times and long loose fashion is really interesting. When I made a lovely flowing full length skirt last month I thought I was being quite individual, but clearly not! But it's a trend that has yet to filter through to rural England.

Leigh said...

I like wearing what's comfortable for me. That means sleeves nearly all the time. My work is COLD, so layers are a must. I much prefer looking at a long skirt, rather than thin leggings worn as pants (don't care what your weight or height is), so yay for skirts.