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I am a mother, a new grandmother, and a teacher. But whatever happens in my life, I keep sewing. I have worked as a political communicator and now as a teacher in my formal life. I have also written extensively on sewing. I have been a frequent contributor and contributing editor of Threads magazine and the Australian magazine Dressmaking with Stitches. My first book Sew.. the garment-making book of knowledge will be published in May 2018 and is available for pre-order from Amazon


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Friday, April 14, 2017

Count down with me

I have just cut out the last two sample garments for my book. If it all goes according to plan by the time the bunny arrives I should be back to my personal sewing. Two more days folks and I can start to share what I make.

I am so looking forward to this.

I am also going to be travelling a bit more in a month, off to see my mom in Winnipeg and then off for a week to get to know San Francisco. Then back home for the summer when I am going to be teaching some summer courses online and for a good part of the week taking care of the kids for my daughter.

I am thinking that I should plan a proper travel wardrobe for this trip and get sewing as soon as I can. I have been playing around with new to me shapes, looser fit stuff, as I feel that fashion is starting to move that way. It is interesting that these shapes sort of erase the distinction between comfortable at home and going out wear. But this is a radical departure for me and I am not sure if I have it right.

I will be interested to see what you think.

Like these new shapes the west coast, San Francisco in particular, is new to me. The kids will be working and otherwise pretty occupied while I am there and besides I would rather explore a bit on my own than put them in the "now what are we going to do with your mother today" mode.

So for those of you who know the area and the city please send on your recommendations and getting to know the city ideas. You know what I like, pretty much the same things you do.

Now off to thread up some machines so I can get a decent start tomorrow.


Lynn said...

You absolutely must go to Britex near on Geary near Union Square. Four stories of fantastic fabrics!

Anonymous said...

San Francisco is my favorite city for walking around.....if I were to be visiting for the first time and was going to be unsupervised, I would pick a neighborhood a day and just wander. There are great public transportation options (bus, subway, trolleys) and wonderful places to eat, and you've had all that exercise. I also enjoyed walking across the Golden Gate bridge and then exploring the wonderful hiking trails on that side of the bay. There is a black sand beach that is amazing. You can then take the ferry back from Sausalito. I especially enjoyed the diversity of the Richmond neighborhood, and walking along a trail that skirts the ocean. The zoo is lovely, if you like zoos, altho a bit out of the way. They have koalas, which look like sofa cushions up a tree, I didn't realize they are nocturnal. There is a wonderful museum where you can see the cables that run the trolleys. Wonderful gardens along stairs, one flight especially that comes down from a very indelicate looking tower, the name of which I have forgotten. I saw a flock of parrots flying by on that walk.

I obviously need a SF vacation myself. I have never been in the spring but in August it is quite chilly but sunny and I had a hard time finding sunscreen.

have fun!


Sox said...

Congratulations on being so close to the end!

It was a lovely 21C here in the 'Peg today. I hope the weather is still nice when you come.

sewingkm said...

I always like to shop at Britex which has quality but expensive fabrics. You might contact Shams at 'Communing with Fabric' blogspot for more ideas.

Lisa Danny-Roberts said...

Go to britex fabrics it is a great store

MaryEllen said...

Britex , Stone Mountain & Daughter as well as Piedmont fabrics are all great fabric places . After that all the fun touristy things are great !
Have fun

Angela said...

I am so excited about your upcoming book! Do you have a release date and I missed it?

Leigh said...

Britex is a must. Satin Moon was a must, but the sisters who ran it are now retired. Fabrix is fabulous. A bit of a bus ride from downtown, but worth the trip. Great deals abound - $2-$8/yd mostly. I filled my suitcase there. Also a bus-ride, but the other way, is Stone Mountain Daughter in Berkely. http://www.stonemountainfabric.com/ I didn't get there, but everyone raves. Hope you have a lovely time.

annie said...

Pretty active sewing community in S.F. and a couple of really good fabric stores. Very nice city.

Louisa said...

Also in Berkeley and near the Ashby BART stop is Lacis, lace museum and needlework shop with notions, tools, threads and books on every textile technique you can think of and then some. It's a treasure trove!

Have fun! I love San Francisco.

LWS said...

Re: the looser fit clothing, I find it is the quality of the fabric that makes the distinction between "going out" and stay at home leisure wear. Often the patterns are pretty much the same. The t-shirt I wear every day turns into something entirely different in a wool or linen knit.

Wonderful art museum in SF. Can't wait to learn more about the book!

Xpresso said...

Can hardly wait for your book. Do you have an ETA?
Also I zoomed in on your comment about teaching an online class. Details please and thank you.
SF means Britex and Ghiradelli chocolate to me. I must get back there.
Have a fabulous time on your travels.

Sandra O'Leary said...

Can't wait to get your book! I have never been to
San Fransico, so can't help you there...
I am eagerly awaiting your online sewing courses this summer 👏👏👏

AlaskaBerninaGirl said...

Public transportation in California is awesome just keep in mind you have to have your ticket in hand ahead. You can check it out: http://www.caltrain.com/ I rode from San Jose to San Fran and back last month, definitely the way to go. Looks like everyone has already turned you on to all of the awesome fabric stores. I found some nice ones in San Jose as well. Look forward to seeing you sew again!

LinB said...

Remember reversibles, which are easier in looser garments. Remember to add lots of pockets, both inset and patch, on both sides of your garments. It's often cool and cloudy in SF, so remember bright colors to lift your mood. Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Also, check out Beth of Sunny Gal Studio Sewing. She is a Bay Area resident.

For wardrobe, take a lightweight topper of some sort that can resist chill and fog. It can be quite nippy if the sun isn't shining--even in summer! Keep in mind that I live in the low desert and anything below 70 degrees or so can be "a bit nippy"!

I haven't lived there for a long--very long!--time, so I'm no longer familiar with the city. But I loved it when I was there!


Italianlady said...

I just found your blog and love it. Lots of good sewing nformation and I especially appreciate your articles about aging as I am 70 yeas old. Looking forward to your book.

Jean Shaw said...

I lived in the Marina for 6 years and completely agree with the recommendation to walk out on the GG Bridge. You can walk from the Marina all along the wonderfully reclaimed Chrissy Field natural area and then up to the Bridge.

The boat tours are fun--whether you do the half or full trips. Seeing the city from the water is pretty special. And yes, a ferry ride back from Sausalito can be magical--I took one in late afternoon one day and the colors of the sky and water were outstanding.

Skip the entire area around Ghiradelli Square, unless you adore over-the-top tourist crap.

If you can, go north to Muir Woods. (At this point in my life, what matters to me the most is the physical setting--but your mileage may vary.) The redwoods are unique.

Have fun!