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I am a mother, a new grandmother, and a teacher. But whatever happens in my life, I keep sewing. I have worked as a political communicator and now as a teacher in my formal life. I have also written extensively on sewing. I have been a frequent contributor and contributing editor of Threads magazine and the Australian magazine Dressmaking with Stitches. My first book Sew.. the garment-making book of knowledge will be published in May 2018 and is available for pre-order from Amazon


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Friday, December 30, 2016

Flypaper thoughts day before New Year's Eve edition

  • I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas
  • Know that not all are spectacular and that not all folks like the holidays
  • But I do, assembling as much of the family as we can and making the dishes we always make marks the years for me
  • With the poignancy that brings
  • High point was seeing Miss Heidi fast asleep in a fluffy eyeshade
  • I will remember that
  • I will forget the part where the new dog decided to mark the corners of an unfamiliar room by lifting his leg
  • Back to high points
  • My formerly cynical youngest son had decorated lit candles around the place and a fridge full of drinks when we arrived
  • Candles
  • My son
  • My husband had an idea of filming us all inside the house with a drone
  • We put a stop to that plan
  • Note to new couples
  • Pay close attention to your first Christmas menus
  • Once the kids get used to it you are making the same thing year after year
  • I made mistake with a little number called Potatoes Romanoff
  • Sour cream, potatoes, cheese casserole etc.
  • Fine dining for sure
  • Everyone still wants it but modern eaters just pick at it
  • Heaven forbid that it isn't on the table though
  • Now onto New Year's
  • Sister and brother-in-law here for the week
  • Dinner and a movie
  • Men want documentaries
  • Not often I am speechless
  • Thinking about sewn items I wore most this year
  • Turns out my own eyeshade
  • Highly recommend for deep sleeping
  • Heidi gets this
  • Also a frumpy polar fleece sweater thing with good pockets
  • Wore it about 10,000 times more often than my careful blazer
  • Note to self
  • Remember you have an ordinary life
  • Had the neighbours in
  • Man across the street won the lotto and quit work years ago
  • Full time job now is monitoring the street
  • Most informative guest
  • Picks things up when he dog sits and snow shovels
  • Takes out my garbage when my husband travels
  • Won the lotto and takes out my garbage
  • Not the only one around here who feels the pull of the ordinary life I guess
  • Good neighbours are good things
  • Did some baking before my company arrived
  • Then ate it all before they did
  • This is actually true
  • No shortage of new year's resolutions to make around here


Anonymous said...

Please show us the frumpy sweater thing with good pockets, or at least the pattern number.
Thanks for the clue about the Bernina tool.
Potatoes Romanoff is so delicious!
Happy New Year.
Vancouver Barbara

Lyndle said...

Fabulous. I love this, especially the last part. Here's to the joy of ordinary lives. Happy New Year

Elle said...

The baking/eating had me laughing out loud. Here's to ordinary life! Happy New Year!

jirons42 said...

You comment about eating the things you baked before the company got there made me laugh out loud. So me!!!

Anonymous said...

Love this. Love your blog!

Summer Flies said...

Happy new year. The neighbour who brings your rubbish in is pure gold... money isn't everything.

Janet said...

Thank you Barb! Happy New Year. We tried a vegan Christmas dinner this year. We had turkey last night because my husband couldn't wait until New Years.

sewingkm said...

You always make me chuckle. Thanks and Happy New Year! Karen

Xpresso said...

Here's to street monitors. I have one too - no lotto but the same kind of caring about the neighbours. An ordinary street and an ordinary life. A pearl of great price.
Happy New Year Barb, and to those you hold dear. Thank you for a year of good and interesting things, ideas and instructions and for being the connecting hub of so many extrordinary folks.
Teri (who is also interested in the frumpy, good pockets sweater)

Laceflower said...

me too, the sweater thing.
Wishing you all Sewing Nirvana in 2017

garnet128 said...

I think I will ring in the New Year with a toast to ordinary life. Undoubtedly the best life. I too have to remind my sewing mind sometimes that my life is too ordinary for some of the things I start planning. Happy New Year to you and yours.

Marie Donnelly said...

Agreed. Here's to the ordinary life. Completely understand the baking thing. Thought I was doing it for my husband and son and even though I gave plenty away, I'm carrying even more with me. Goodbye to the shortbread cleanse. Better eating .... but not tonight.

Happy new year to you and your lovely and blessedly ordinary life.

bbarna said...

Best wishes for a happy new year. Thanks for all your wonderful posts. Good neighbours are like gold...I always bake goodies and make jam for mine. Barb.

Jean Shaw said...

Your blog is one of my all-time favorites, thanks to posts like this one. All the best for the new year.

Cuscini said...

There are few fabrics I abhor more than Polar Fleece (oh the horror post-Thanksgiving, with all those non-sewers picking up ugly fabric for frumpy sofa throws...), but I am on my third stay-at-home day of the weekend wearing the PF tunic thingy I picked up at Marshalls. Cape Cod doesn't have snow right now, but it's so damply c-c-c-cold. So, yes, I agree with Anonymous; please tell us more about the sweater!

Happy New Year, dear neighbor to the North -- so glad I "met" you this last year!

Karen Lyon said...

Barbara, like everyone else, I give youa toast to ordinary life! New Years eve spent in p.j.'s watching old movies on tv. (tremors, 3 movies. Life is made up of family, friends, neighbours and the special people we come across in our daily routines.
Warmest wishes for you and yours this coming year.
Query, was the male dog not neutered? Usually they don't annoint the furnitue inside if they have been neutered.

Anonymous said...

I find the same thing with establishing any family tradition, I was amused to see that my 9 year old grandson got socks and underwear (among many other things.....) for Christmas from his father - we always put a package of each, along with toothbrush/paste, in the stockings as a joke, and now it is moving down a generation.

After a (too short) post-Christmas visit from kids/grandson/various dogs we are own our own again and I am working hard to hang on to the positive feelings. Thinking about what to sew, and no snow, helps!

Happy 2017 - wonder what YOUR first sewing project will be?


Leigh Wheeler said...

I have found that neutering does not change the marking behavior. Learning manners changes that the best. And new-to-the-dog houses tend to be fair game. Both mine were neutered, and happily attempted to mark Mom's house upon first arrival. Fortunately, attention was being paid.

Me too. Spill the comfy top pattern. :)

Happy New Year with lots of sewing and happy memories to make.