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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

On having been around a while

This is a birthday month for me and it has occurred to me that one of the things that happens is a person realizes how many stories she has in her head, and how many of those stories still influence her as she has watched the world rotate.

Obviously in no relevant order here are some of those things:

  • I had grandmother who says she had a cousin who was abducted by aliens in Alberta
  • Gone for two weeks 
  • You have to watch those empty roads late at night my grandmother said
  • Particularly in Alberta
  • I once made a bathing suit out broadcloth with a zipper in the bottoms. I was just following the pattern
  • Looked pretty baggy when wet I can tell you
  • I remember being a kid and going to the farm and the phone on the wall was on a party line
  • Different rings for different houses and if you were quiet you could keep up to date
  • A background where my mother said "you know Eldon's wife lost her leg to cancer
  • But she got in the wheelchair and she still got her canning done"
  • Of course she did
  • My mother is on Instagram now 
  • I am old enough to remember my dad saying no woman could be president
  • Come her period she would blow the world up
  • No one argued because he was a pharmacist and obviously had the inside medical scoop
  • Plus he had no idea of how much goes on after the menopause
  • Glad I have come this far


Anonymous said...

It's my birthday month too!!
Our ring was "One long, two short".
Love your blog posts!

garnet128 said...

Yep, sounds familiar.

SuzieB said...

In the early sixties my fav bathing suit was a pink and white checked poplin 2-piece, fully lined, by Jantzen. Zipper in the bottoms which were really "boy shorts" not bikini cut. LOVED that suit - my first grown-up swimsuit.

linda said...

I made a suit like that too. I had to hold it up with both hands when exiting the lake. Worn once only.

Real fan of your blog- so refreshing!

Leigh Wheeler said...

LOL! He did need to learn a thing or two about menopause.

I wonder where the cousin really went for two weeks. New York? Good story to use coming back.

Happy Happy Birthday!! Definitely celebrate all month.

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

There was a party line at my Grandmother's too! And I know what you mean about the stories! I'm trying to tell mine to my daughters so they will be able to talk about all of me when I've passed on.

Bunny said...

I had a madras cotton, all the rage, swimsuit with a zip up the back. It fit great and never bagged. Actually, it fit skin tight with that zip. I think it was my favorite suit ever, definitely the cutest! Thanks for the memory jog. I remember those party lines too, loved to listen to the conversations!

As far as the alien abduction...SAHMs were just that, stay at home. I can remember driving our own Mom to the point of taking an abduction vacation. Instead she'd pick up her fishing pole, walk down to the lake and fish for the rest of the day. That was her alien abduction. She would come back ready to face her tribe again, renewed and refreshed.

Anonymous said...

Love this blog; particularly this post. Happy Birthday!

Jane M said...

Love the alien abduction vacation idea! I still use my original childhood phone number as part of my password on various sites...hmmm, party line phone number used to thwart internet scams, even that sounds like I might have been abducted. Happy belated birthday and wishes for many more and many more fun posts and podcasts.