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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Flypaper thoughts early morning edition

  • Reading the best book
  • Joy Emery's The history of the paper pattern industry
  • Can't put it down
  • Had me at "the tissue of dreams"
  • Not many blog comments my husband said
  • Maybe you shouldn't have talked about aliens
  • Listen I could have got into the senior who is a guide at the Jello museum
  • Or how my grandfather once had a drugstore up north called Gateway drugs
  • Miss Scarlett said I should publish a book called True stories you shouldn't tell children
  • The racoon hand was a present Birdie brought in and left under a cushion on the couch
  • Talk about big surprises
  • Am going to NYC Saturday for five days
  • So excited
  • This means of course that I have to make a black top today
  • Looked in the closet and realized I needed more black if I was going to the big city
  • Wore a favourite blouse into tape an interview at the radio 
  • Journalist looked at me and said, "couldn't decide what colour to wear so wore them all"
  • Listen it is radio
  • When in doubt go cheerful
  • But I do know a uniform when one is required
  • Wouldn't dare go out in Tennessee without lipstick
  • Reminds me to go to the uniform exhibit at FIT
  • In my black top
  • Being obsessed with fit lately too
  • And hems
  • Re-hemmed one pair of pants three times
  • Wider pants are harder to figure
  • Break at the shoe is out
  • I watch TV and figured out that the pants that look like they need to be hemmed is important
  • Even on men's suits
  • Question
  • Are they so long they bunch up because that's the style?
  • Or because no one at home can hem any more?
  • Daughter's friend cut off too long jeans and asked me was there anything she should do with the edge
  • Said she seemed to remember there was something she should do
  • Best thing about New York is the nice zippers
  • Love having my niece in the basement
  • Good to hear about tests being written and to remember all the time and energy spent on thinking about relationships
  • Makes me glad that my own love life involves hearing about how someone can drive five hours
  • With the mouse from his laptop out the car door and banging on the road
  • And it still works
  • Like us
  • Now off to serge


Jodie said...

It is early morning here and was great to wake up to this before school (for me) today. I'm in the slog of after Thanksgiving and before Christmas...with report cards ahead of me. UGH.
Have a fabulous time in NYC!

Rise said...

"Gateway Drug" --snort! Please tell your husband that wild aliens couldn't drive your readers away. Loved the podcast, too. Are you planning on putting it on iTunes? A little easier to listen from there on my phone, rather than my laptop from the blog.

Barbara said...

Rise tried to figure iTunes out and gave up but will give it another go promise.

Mary said...

Tell Ms Scarlett that the scariest stories I ever heard were the ones my children told me...usually about something they did. I tried to remind them they didn't need to tell me EVERYTHING. Luckily, they are now grown up and have children of their own to scare them.

Lorrie said...

Laughed out loud at the thought of there might be something I need to do with the hem of my cut off jeans.

Amy Jo said...

I love the book idea! And it sounds like a heck of a mouse! As a northerner recently moved to Tennessee, I was unaware of the lipstick rule! Maybe I should pay more attention to such things. :)--Amy Jo

Anonymous said...

Tales from the Jello Museum. I'm in...
Vancouver Barbara

LinB said...

That "trick" to preserve the jeans hem: 1. Sew a tuck on the inside of the pant leg, really close to the top of the current hem. (There's a mathematical formula to make it come out so that the bottom edge of the current hem ends up where you want it ... I can never remember the formula. Go with empiricism on this one.) Check and double-check that the new length is really really really where you want it to be, because the next step is ... 2. Cut off the tuck, leaving about 1/4" - 1/2" -- you don't want the thing to collapse down below the finished hem edge. 3. Finish the raw edge of the tuck. 4. Press it upward, either with steam or just a finger-press. 5. Topstitch the tuck into place, close to the top of the original hem (I do this with an edgestitch foot, from the inside.) Be careful that the thread color that shows on the outside is very close to the color of the jeans. For indigo blues, you'll find that you need to go a lot greener than you might think to find a good match.

"Gateway Drugs." You must be so proud! I had a friend named Maureen, who married a Mr. Lester. She preferred to be called by her family nickname, "Mo." She worked at an elementary school.

Anonymous said...

Its hard to have too many aliens in a wardrobe planning discussion, in my view.


Jenerators said...

I also enjoyed that history of patterns book... pity it stopped where it did though!

Xpresso said...

I'm guessing in your grandfather's day "Gateway Drugs" didn't have any other connotation. Pretty funny today though.
Aliens in Alberta are so common one doesn't actually feel the need to comment.
Re: NYC - a visit there has actually percolated to the top of my bucket list. I know there are museums and wonderful things to see and do but what I'm really interested in is the fabric stores. Have you ever put together a list of stores you must visit? Any chance of posting said list should it exist? Every time I read a blog entry from someone who has just returned from NYC (recently Shams) I get palpitations trying to figure out how to best spend my shopping time.
Given it will take hours and hours of flying time to get there, and cost slightly more than my last wedding, I'd like to have a plan if possible.

Barbara said...

HI Xpresso, My grandfather's store was in The Pas Manitoba - the gateway to the north. And here are my links to NYC fabric stores, some however like Parons are leaving the business:


Xpresso said...

Perfect, wonderful, a thousand thank you's. I read the entire blog post nodding and smiling. I will have the list clutched in my sweaty little palm when I go and hope not too many have left. I'm aiming for very early spring next year. I have to reduce the size of my stash before hand or add on to the house.

Linda said...

😀😀❤Enjoyed this!!

Margaret Delong said...

I always enjoy your posts!
Question for you today- last week I hemmed a friend's pants, as e would be standing in a wedding. My neighbor suggested I make the front shorter than the back, as it was bunching on his dress shoes instep. Any thoughts on this? It's what I did, but I felt very strange! I was very proud of myself for telling him to bring his dress shoes though!

A second, more random question- do you have any experience or advice on bridal shops in Halifax? I'm slowly resigning myself to wearing polyester at my wedding, any idea if there are silk options around?
The Fabric Snob

AlaskaBerninaGirl said...

...With the mouse from his laptop out the car door and banging on the road
And it still works
Like us...

I live in an area of the Mat-Su Valley in Alaska that is called Gateway, plus marijuana growing and selling has recently been legalized (not that I am interested) but what a perfect name!

Still laughing. I so enjoy reading your posts!