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Friday, May 27, 2016

Thread theory, info and birthdays

I have a real nice husband. 

He pretty much spends all his time taking care of this family. He cries more easily than I do, at TV commercials with small children in them, and when he looks at Miss Daisy. His cooking, to quote one of the kids, is so good its its own food group. He thinks he can fix anything and will break it trying. I have seen him do innumerable eccentric things but never once be uncharitable or mean spirited about anyone. He has no dress sense. He will leave the house with four items of clothing all with a different team name on them, from places and states he has visited. He will put on brown socks with grey pants. He cooks dinner for me every night and makes me coffee before I get out of bed in the morning. He fixed his slippers with duct tape. He once asked me if I thought he could make a hot tub by cutting the old oil tank in half. He painted most of the youngest son's B and B after a week of 12 hour days and a 5 hour drive home. He is under the impression I am a real catch. 

Tomorrow is his birthday and when I asked him what he wanted to do he said have dinner with me at home. He then brought home 20 pounds of lobster that he is cooking in the bathtub as I write this in a plastic pail with the Sous Vide and his app. 

He is making his own birthday dinner. 

When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he said nothing, he has everything he needs.

I have decided to make him some pants, some Jutlands from Thread Theory. If I can get a pattern to fit him he can avoid the stores and he will like that.

Here is the pattern:

Least I can do. 


Julie said...

He sounds just like my sweet, emotional, nerdy (I say that with the utmost love) husband. He would take a bullet for me and I feel very blessed. You sound like you do, too!

SilverMom said...

Awww, you made me cry.

My guy is also a true gem (rough-cut to be sure, but still beautiful at the core). He just smiles when I buy fabric and says he is so happy I have a sewing passion. My stash rule that it must be entirely containing in my sewing studio is totally self-imposed...he doesn't care. (As long as it doesn't take up any of his shop space, of course.) When my iron died, and I was looking at a steam generator iron to replace it - that cost more than all three of my machines put together - he said go for it.

In any fashion sense that goes beyond overalls, he is hopeless, but he knows enough to love the shirts I make for him.

Yup, these guys are keepers.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the Man. Let us know how the sous vide lobster turns out.
I have a question about lobster. I have only eaten lobster in restaurants two or three times and never really enjoyed it because it was so tough. My question is: are fresh lobsters tough? Is that the nature of the beast?
Hope your are perfect.
Vancouver Barbara

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your husband and congratulations to you and Miss D - he sounds like a gem!


Barbara said...

Barbara if you had tough lobster it was over cooked and probably not fresh. What is cooking in my bath tub was in the sea earlier today. This will be light and tender as a cloud. It makes my huband's head explode to hear about tough over cooked lobster. Maybe i can get him to do a guest post how-to.

Anonymous said...

You are blessed.

Thank you for this story....happiness is quite rare these days and should be celebrated.

theresa said...

And he probably brags about your sewing, mine does. Back when he wore a 35 waist and had to mail order shorts in his size, as you cannot find size 35 waist in the stores. I made him shorts from a torn down Land's End pair and used a novelty print dollar bill fabric for the pocket bags. He delighted in telling folks he always had money in his pockets and then would pull out the pocket bags and show them. Sounds like you have a rare gem as do I.
Theresa in Tucson

Anonymous said...

Barbara, husbands like your and mine are keepers and sharing a life with them can't help but make us a better person.
Happy birthday and enjoy the lobster. I had to google sous vide.

Marie-Noëlle Lafosse said...

Happy Birthday to him. This portray could be my hubby's

Jodie said...

Definitely a keeper and a catch. Best wishes for a terrific birthday. Thread theory (I think) has a new mans shirt pattern that I'm hoping to test and try out for my own hubby. BTW if your husband is ever near Edmonton during the school year, I'd love to have him guest chef with my grade 12 foods class. He's a great example of a creative home cook!

Pam said...

Beautiful post! I loved it and it reminded me of my late partner, who had the same tendencies. I do think the pants are a great idea! Good luck and I look forward to seeing the result!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for a couple of months now and thought you should know. This is my favourite post so far. Your husband sounds lovely and you do too. I hope you both enjoy his birthday. Love the sewing advice and wish you lived next door so I could pop round and ask questions.

Anonymous said...

Wow. A lobster-cooking tutorial would be so helpful. Thank you and
The Man very much.
Vancouver Barbara

Tracy King said...

Happy Birthday from Saskatchewan Mr. Sewing on the Edge! Sounds like it will be an amazing meal.

Candie said...

He sounds like a real catch! Happy Birthday from Alaska where it's absolutely beautiful today, your day! Enjoy the bathtub lobster!

Catherine said...

He sounds like a real keeper. Happy Birthday to him and good luck with the pants.

LynneSews said...

I think our husbands are unrelated twins. I just gave mine that same Sous Vide cooker for his birthday. Haven't had lobster made with it yet, though. Who says sewing blogs are just about getting new inspiration for sewing?

SuzieB said...

Keep us updated on the pants project, ok? Being able to avoid the stores would sound great to my husband also.

Marianne said...

I think I fell a little in love with your husband the first time you mentioned him on your blog. My favourite type of guy, a bit unusual, one of a kind. Don't tell him though, it will probably freak him out. Anyway I have a sweet one of my own. Happy birthday to him and I hope the pants work out. ☺

shams said...

What a sweet tribute to your guy! Happy birthday to the hubster!

Leigh Wheeler said...

A very Happy Birthday to your sweetie. The pants are a great idea. :)

Unknown said...

How did I not know you had a sewing blood?? I will follow religiously. Thank- you, Barbara.

Genevieve said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and love it, probably not for the reason you'd guess. You write very well!!! I do sew, A LOT, and will enjoy your sewing talk...but most of all I will read because of your writing voice. It is lively and makes you want to keep on reading. 😃

Jane said...

Very late comment, but what a great post about your husband. I love your writing "voice" and admire your many talents.