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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Flypaper thoughts illustrated edition

I know it has been a while since I posted any flypaper thoughts, having detoured this blog with useful information for some reason, but the old flypaper seems to be the best way of bringing you up to date on why I have been on a blog posting lapse. 

SO here we go again:

  • Youngest son, the one who is the Cheapest Human Being on Earth, put together the resources to buy a B and B.
  • Turns out these are family businesses.
  • Even I got asked to paint.
  • What were we thinking wearing Dusty Rose for an entire decade in the 80s?
  • Do you know how many coats of paint it takes to cover over Dusty Rose?
  • That stuff is iridescent and also will haunt your dreams
  • Next morning it always starts showing through
  • You will be pleased to know we hired ethical mouse hunters
  • Actually I was ready to join the NRA but the husband has a softer heart
  • Involved some kind of powder in the attic to confuse them and one way mouse doors so they could escape the premises but not get back in
  • I kid you not
  • Installer had huge ear plugs and giant ear lobes and tiny buck teeth and told me to "think like a mouse"
  • Even though I still wanted to join the NRA I tried
  • Think he found it easier
  • Turned out not to be a scam
  • First night after the confusion treatment I could hear them running around in the walls
  • In circles
  • A few turned toes up in the middle of the floor next morning
  • Stress I figure
  • They must have been confused, I sure was
  • Confusion is not as cheap as it was when I was doing it
  • View from hill down on son's B and B, his building is the one with the Dusty Rose glow:

  • After I was fired as a painter we went to Cheticamp where my husband is doing a National Park job
  • Because he is up in the mountains we are not staying there because the coyotes have been dangerous and Daisy is rabbit like
  • This one has a GPS on it that my husband said appeared to be making him (the coyote) annoyed:

  • You really can't blame him, I mean couldn't they have come up with something smaller
  • Not all wildlife is that aggressive
  • Here are some moose on site
  • Only thing really dangerous about moose is they are heavy and can fall over on your car
  • In Newfoundland this is a real worry and there are moose whistles on cars
  • A ton of moose is not joke on a Kia
  • Long thin legs and heavy bodies
  • Who else can identify ?

  • Owing to the coyote but not moose situation we are staying in town
  • Cheticamp is an Acadian village at the top of Cape Breton with a good lobster and crab fishery
  • It is also the world centre of hair foils and not a place you go to the co-op in without your lipstick
  • People are so nice, stop to see if you need a ride anywhere since you are walking
  • Does the rest of the world know there are places like this that are normal?
  • Or look like this:

More on projects later but right now,

Bonne nuit.


Jodie said...

This was the best laugh. I had one of those teaching days where you wonder about your own personal competency....just a lot of stupid administrative stuff. Maybe I need to just "think like a mouse"!! I have a moose story...one landed on the truck I was driving (I was 17, it was my Dad's new truck)... According to insurance at the time it was an "act of God"

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

The views from the B & B and the surrounding area are stunning. However, the ethical mouse treatment was hysterical. Thank you for sharing it, cause I would have gotten a couple cats and turned them loose. Y'know natural mouse assassins - hey maybe that could be a new business - as an alternative to the ethical mouse people!

Oh, I'm glad the pesky critters are gone, even if some did leave this earth in a stress-induced form...

Lyndle said...

Looove your post. I only have one lipstick fir weddings so might go hungry in Cheticamp. Love the photos. My guess isthe B&B wants to be Dusty Rose. It will haunt your son until he lets it Be Itself. You have been warned.

Lynette Kotze said...

Haha, great post. Love it.

Catherine said...

Never heard of ethical mouse removal before! Good luck on their confusion and leaving. Son's B and B locale is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Interesting re the moose; they scared us to death about how dangerous moose are to hikers several years ago at Glacier National Park. Not that I wasn't more than willing to view from afar. Will have to check if we have ethical mouse discouragers down here....my husband catches them in a Rube Goldberg style cage thing and releases them way out back. I think they beat him back to the house sometimes, though.


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha. One way mouse doors. Love it. The thing with moose is they have no respect for cars and just come crashing out of the ditch and cream you. Wild life has a way of keeping you respectful.

Glad that you got fired as a painter.

Scenic Route said...

LOVED this. Keep 'em coming!