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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Talia pant: muslin beach walking version

When I showed these to my husband his first reaction was "what are you wearing?" followed quickly by a "you look great."

He knows.

The fabric is a little wild I know but it was all I had with me to do a test pair of the Talia pants. The fabric has a pattern of waves on them, cotton broadcloth, and are just fine IMO for walking on the beach looking at the waves. My version of camo. You won't even know I am there.

This is a new pant shape for me and I wanted to try them out before I cut into the beautiful rayon I ordered in from Hart fabrics - that pair will be posted soon too.

 As always this pattern is available from Stylearc in paper or you can download directly through Gumroad through this link.

When you compare the cotton to the rayon you will see why the rayon, or something drapey, is best for these pants, but even still these are incredibly comfortable pants in cotton and I don't mind the print at all. Not all occasions are dress events.

I have that flashy streak anyway and the dress code among campers is not as high as you probably think it is.

Back to what you are really interested in.

I made a size 12 and added my usual 1/2" to the centre front and 1 1/2" to centre back to accommodate my belly and backside respectively. Apart from that there are no alterations. I am posting a lot of pictures here because I think the cotton pair actually gives you a good idea of what the pattern pieces look like.

One construction note.

The front is flat and interfaced, the back has an elastic insertion that is top-stitched in rows. 

I did the first round as per pattern but found it was hard to assess how the elastic would feel attached to the front (you make up the two units and attach them) so round two sewed the front and back pieces together at the side seams, basted the back elastic in at the side seams, tried it on for fit, closed the waistline seam of this waist unit (basted raw edges together in other words) then top-stitched a few rows through the elastic as I was supposed to.

The completed waistband is then just attached to the top of the pants, which I have to tell you is easier if you are not sewing in the dark.

So here we go, with notes:

Elastic waist back so of course there are gathers, more discrete in the rayon, but not too bunchy IMO

One of the surprises of these pants for me was how high the waist is. Been a long time since I had a waistband that started at the top of my navel. Forgot how comfortable that is.

Another surprise, but this wasn't apparent with the model picture - pretty sure she is not a size 12  - but the legs are fairly loose. As I said earlier this will require a revision of my top wardrobe, don't intend to have too many of this belly articulation numbers in the future top line-up but also don't want to look too much like a fridge. Huge issues to think about obviously

My partner in crime wondering why we are not on our way to a walk.

Not sure why I am listing like this, although I was on a dock, but am not going to query the photographer who is, after all, and excellent cook. Thought you would want to see the leg shape and of course my worst side view.

Another shot of the leg shape but that is not the point. There is a winter parking ban at home in Nova Scotia
Stay tuned for the rayon version, they are really A1.

Note: this post contains an affiliate link.


Robin said...

Looks especially comfy and the print is great.

E McAfee said...

Those are lovely!

I think I may have to spring for the Talia pattern - my experiment with V8983 wasn't exactly what I had hoped for. I suspect it's a crotch curve issue.

Elle said...

The pants look very good--and the beachy fabric couldn't be more apropos. Jealous of your lovely spot, whining from the wet Pacific NW

thornberry said...

Thanks Barbara! I have this pattern but haven't sewn it up yet. Yours look great and now I feel confident of a similar result.

Bunny said...

Perfect beach pants! I just wish the pattern had a line drawing or clearer photos of the garment so we could see better details. The downside of so many indies.

Anonymous said...

I like that fabric. How appropriate for the beach.

Anne Frances said...

They do look good - amazing with such minimal alteration. Looking forward to seeing the rayon version. I'm puzzled by the comment about no line drawing - it is there very clearly with the pattern details on the Stylearc website.

Anonymous said...

You're version is so much cuter than the pattern envelope illustration. And of course I treasure the glimpses of Daisy, I'm glad she looks like she has overcome the SC malaise. She's smaller than I imagined.....


Bunny said...

I used the link given which is selling the pattern. Lots of measurements, but no tech drawings. They lost my interest there so I didn't go further.