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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Talia in rayon

Hi folks, bit of an absence due to life intervention. Even living the rv life there are times when there are things to take care of.

As promised here is the rayon version of the Talia pants

I suspect this was the kind of fabric this pattern was designed for. The interesting thing to me is that we look at clothes always on the outside but they are, for the wearer, more importantly appreciated (or not) by how the feel from inside them.

We don't pay enough attention to that when we consider clothes much. Fashion is all about how it looks to other people as if that, the reflection, is more important than how they work around you.

Think of the clothes you reach for when the chips are down. 

You are down to your last nerve with your work, for example, and you finally get through your own door, take off the watch, put down the keys, and what do you change into? What makes you feel like yourself again?

Where's the hug coming from?

Do you reach for something because that colour looks good on you, are because it is "on trend" ?  Or do you reach for something that is just easier on you than life at the moment?


So when you look at the pictures of these pants consider how great they feel on. I am definitely going to be wearing these until they are a rag, I can tell you that. So comfortable.

Here we go:

Pardon the socks and sandals, I was just rushing off for a dog walk when my photographer became available


LynneSews said...

They look GREAT!! My 16yo son would love some nice crazy print ones (no he does not care what other people think). Maybe I should get around to making him some more-I just won't tell him I used a women's pattern 😉

Anonymous said...

The pants look great - flattering and comfortable.
I like your top very much too. Did you make it? If so, what was the pattern? I particularly like the way the stripes are shaped at your left shoulder.

Diana said...

Great looking pants and love that top!!. I consistently reach for my scuba knit Silhouette Patterns yoga pant. I've made multiplethem in slim leg, boot cut and palazzo and love them all and I love scuba knit just as much for pants , pencil skirts, and for high end looking dresses. Honestly . it's great stuff albeit a little cold in winter and hot in summer.

garnet128 said...

When they look that good and feel that good.....nothing better! I'm sorry but is there something wrong with the socks and sandals look?

SewRuthie said...

Great pants. Look very comfortable.
Also loving the top.

Judith Newman said...

I like the diagonal stripes of the top! I assume made it. Pattern?

Laceflower said...

The pattern has no line drawing, does the back have a deep yoke that makes for fitted below and gathered above? I think your version looks much better than the model. Comfy pants that look good, one of life's blessings. Also, you can't beat rayon for great clothing looks.

Leigh Wheeler said...

Those look great! I prefer the patterned ones, but that's me. The navy ones will go with a ton of things, and like you said. COMFY rules!!!

Nursebennett said...

They looks awesome and the combo you're wearing is very chic. You look comfortable and stylish! Well done, as usual! :)