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Monday, January 4, 2016

When the pictures don't match

While back I mentioned that this was my pick for the early Spring McCalls if you were looking to sew something wearable (sorry I am not putting jumpsuits - a garment that designers have being trying to sell us for generations - in that category):

Now correct me if I am wrong but doesn't this look like an A line but more to the straight skirt shape?

So why does the line drawing look like this?

And the hem width is really wide.

I have my suspicions.

I once helped unpack Big Four fashion show samples and saw much evidence of "tweaks" of the pattern to achieve a more camera ready look.

Probably not the biggest mystery to be solved on the planet today but one I am thinking about.


Mary said...

The stated width at lower edge of the pattern (size 12) is 54" for short dress and 59" for long dress, so clearly the line drawings of a more flared skirt are more than a little misleading. It also appears that the photo of the dress was likely photo-shopped although it makes the dress look like a tube at the bottom. So which is it? Sigh.

Louise Perry said...

Very interesting, I recently made a skirt and the pattern pieces had clearly been mis-sized as the resulting skirt was inches bigger then suggested!

Anne said...

I see what you mean. It might explain why some things I've made haven't turned out quite as expected. I don't like circle skirts on me yet I ended up making a dress with one but it certainly didn't look it on the envelope.

Lynnesews said...

Hmm. I was considering buying this pattern to add to my overstuffed stash, but a-line skirts don't suit me. I could alter it, but life is too short... Maybe I will make my 4th StyleArc Kellie dress instead. Thanks!

bbarna said...

I am envisioning a line of clothespins or clamps up the back of the model, sort of like on the wedding dress shows....how misleading though.

Lydia Marc said...

When I saw your earlier post of this pattern I went online to purchase it because they were having a sale. But I thought the same thing when I looked at the line drawing. ???? Passed on the purchase.

Summer Flies said...

Yes I notice this a lot and I did notice this for this dress pattern too. I saw a bodysuit on a website with a turtle neck on the front and an open cross back but the back view had no turtle neck at the back so it was clearly not the same bodysuit. Wouldn't care less but if I was buying one at $245 US I'd like the photo to reflect what it actually is that I am not buying. It deceptive and intentional... not nice and not professional.

Anonymous said...

I had exactly the same thought when I looked at the drawing.....totally different effect than one would have thought from the photo, maybe its clothes pinned in the back to hide the fulness. Much less interesting with the big skirt....I'm still thinking about it if the right fabric surfaces however.....


Frenie Agbayani said...

wow - just came across your blog - love it! patterns for sewings, colour, style, buttons every last darn thing - well done.

Alison said...

I suspect they discovered it looked AWFUL on the model who appears to have hips (who knew they even existed, right?) so they either clipped it back before the shoot or they photoshopped it off completely. Either way - bad form.