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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Spring Vogues

I was about to head down into the basement and the treadmill when, looking on my iPhone to see how many steps a person takes when they have done nothing but work on a computer all day, I saw the new Spring Vogues were up.

Since the outside is polar temperatures and the landscape white icy concrete, anything with the word "spring" sounded pretty good to me.

So here, still on the way to the treadmill, are my impressions.

Disclaimer is that there are some trends that just refuse to go away despite the fact I don't like them at all, never did, never will. I won't be commenting on those patterns at all.

These trends, just so you know, are high/low which my eyes still see as a mistake, colour blocking, which I know from experience is something you get pretty sick of after you have worn it three times, and those innumerable tops that stick out in points at the sides.

That said here are a few interesting patterns I noticed and noted:

Really pretty skirt, very ladylike. Will have to contextualize into the lifestyle that is heavy on walking shoes and dog walking, but for someone, somewhere, it is perfect.

Bit concerned about the boxy look everywhere. There is hourglass and there is toy box. The clump, clump shoes, even in silver, are not help.

This one is a wow. As in I am in grade nine and learning to sew. The neckline, and waistline just don't fit, and this girl is perfect. See above on high low, but really anyone would feel like a dumbbell in this dress. Oddly looks to me like one of those poor women who comes out of the Ladies with her dress stuck in her underwear and the mean girls won't tell her. I would. Just did.

What marching band does she play in and what instrument. I'm thinking drums.

The line drawing does not show the flower appliqués which are what caught my eye, and all the binding is decorative, but in linen or some really cool fabric this would be spectacular. Look at those cool sleeves.

I wasn't really taken with Kathryn Brennen's earlier designs, that seemed to me to use an awful lot of fabric without much style, but this dress is lovely in a tea dance the afternoon before they bombed Pearl Harbour sort of way. So nice to see something feminine like this.

With some nice silk this would be a great top to wear to one of those events you don't really want to go to but figure if you have to you might as well be comfortable. 

OK no one is going to walk a dog in this but really what a fun skirt. If I had a daughter going to the prom I might try to talk her into the glamour of this rather than the $5 hooker outfits most of the other girls will be wearing.

Nice jacket, very wearable with a good back, in the right fabric.

A dragonfly pin cushion. Just the project for someone who has completed every other task in life, right down to sticking names on the bottom of dishes she is leaving the kids, or has attached pre-wound bobbins in matching thread to every spool she has. I would have to be reincarnated a thousand times before I would have time to make this, but I like it anyway.

So now down to go read Ravelry while I walk, sort of fast-ish.


Janet said...

Thank you for this. I was hoping someone would do a review before bed. Well, I gotta say the $5 hooker outfit comment was a hoot. I was underwhelmed. But I do like the toy box and the clunky sandals. I think the fabric is a circus...but whatever.

Jennifer McDonald said...

Lol - thank you for that :-D

Laceflower said...

I've been waiting for the purple Tilton top to be out. Everything has to be below my crotch!

sewingkm said...

Most of these patterns do nothing to inspire except for the Koos and Sandra B's jackets - love them! As always I enjoyed your post. Karen

SewCraftyChemist said...

When I first saw the pink dress I thought "awww how cute"...as in for a tween/teen with that neckline a bit higher.

I am in love with the Betzina jacket. I have to have that one. Can't make it in lambskin but I can make it!

And the Tilton leggings/yoga pant is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Oh god, I'm so glad that there is someone else who hates the high/low hemline as much as me! Please make it go away.
Have to say that I remain underwhelmed with this release, like you say,there are a few nice pieces; the first skirt and top and also the purple top, but I won't be purchasing any of these. Sorry Vogue!
Lee, UK

Marianne Isaacs said...

Ha ha so ascerbic enjoyed your commentary .

Judith Newman said...

I do like the van den Akker jacket with all the appliqué - it would take some time to find the right floral fabric for the appliqués but it would be worth looking! The rest - loved your comments!

SewItFits said...

I thoroughly enjoyed and agree with almost everything you said. This collection is so weak. Thanks for the laughs too!

/anne... said...

I'm thinking that the purple top could be great for my pregnant daughter after the baby's born - easy access for feeding, and pockets for spare tissues and tubes of teething gel :-)

Not sure if that's what the designer had in mind...

Frenie Agbayani said...

Great photos and i love your pattern making skills! That dress is amazing on you!

LinB said...

Asymetric hems have been going strong since at least 1990. I don't think they are going away anytime soon, since a whole generation of women has grown up wearing them. They may be the defining silhouette of our lifetimes, much as was the raised waist for the 1200-1300s.

Scenic Route said...

hi/low likened to dress stuck in underwear out of the loo--TOO FUNNY!

Summer Flies said...

You kill me....$5 hooker outfits... the dragonfly pin cushion in case you have completed every other task in life! I love it too I have to admit... sparkly..shiny... but it's a bit like those "adult colouring books" that have taken over Australia (leading book sales... what??). My sister and I laugh every time we see one about if you are an adult and have time to colour in, you need to go volunteer or cook your family a nice meal or something!

a little sewing said...

great review Barbara - your thoughts are most amusing.
I like Sandra Betzina's coat pattern from this release.

Leigh Wheeler said...

OK, I have to say that I would make that pincushion. I love it. But then I sortof collect unusual pincushions, so there's that. And I really like that tea dress. It's fabulous. I don't know where the heck I'd wear it, my work is too casual for even a knee length version, but I adore it, and would wear it in the Downton Abbey life I have in my head. The one with servants and nice dinners. The flower applique topper is neat. I'd make it and wear it in my real life.