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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Funny story.

My husband read my post yesterday and said he actually liked that dress, it was the other blue dress he didn't.

So I really appreciated all your comments and you are right, I will be raising the neckline and changing in the side seams a bit next version. I think it has potential and I am going to be looking at other wrap dress patterns as suggested too. A wrap dress is just too multi-purpose, dress up and dress down, not to be figured out.

Since you're asking here is the other blue dress my spouse was not nuts about, despite having seen me wear it before without comment. Navy pique cotton and in this picture a little wrinkled from sitting:

And here is the detail of the back zipper, set below the neck a few inches in the seam for a neat neckline finish, since the dress can go over my head when I put it on due to the wide neckline:

And here is a shot of the facing, one piece which I love about this pattern:

Finally on the out of control wedding fabric buying front I have found a solution to my dupioni issue involving how to do merlot when you are working with a fancy lace layer for the top that has that slight bright pink thing going on.

Got a real nice sort of dark, dark pink swatch from Mood and that works so I am redefining Merlot to sort of a Beaujolais, maybe even a screw top, almost a Zinfandel in a dark room, almost to a box wine - the kind that you take out the silver bag out of the cardboard and squeeze out one last little bit into a coffee cup so the kids (who are now full adults) won't know mom is drinking while she is doing the dishes after Thanksgiving. (All those who were raised in the responsible Canadian Prairies will not need to have this explained.)

Which now leaves me with, among other things, 5 yards of dark red, sort of merlot, Dupioni with a slight black under sheen when you bend it (you know how dupioni works). 

Make me an offer.


LindaNan said...

Can you post a foto of the merlot. And tell me what you want for it. I'm not sure how to post an email address that won't result in a spam slam to me.

Ginger said...

I like that dress too. Perfect for FL weather. Add a necklace or maybe a belt to give it another color/texture. Never sewn with Brensan, always wondered about them (Nancy's Notions had a lot for sale in the past).

BeccaA said...

I like this dress--I love the zipper and facing details. I think it would be more flattering with the waistline seam raised a bit and a little fullness taken out of the neckline if you make it again. It looks like the kind of dress I would wear again and again--a workhorse.

Anne said...

The dupioni sounds nice. It's there a picture of it elsewhere on your blog? I've just started following you and haven't seen it. I also have a wedding coming up and merlot could be a good colour choice for my MOB outfit, though wedding is in early summer.

Anonymous said...

Well, I need more fabric like I need....But if it doesn't suit one of the other gals, I'll sacrifice some shelf space for it :)

Bonus - I could meet you at the Public Gardens for the exchange! Assuming it's in NS not Florida!


badmomgoodmom said...

I like this blue dress. What does he object to about it?

BeckyMc said...

LOL. I have never laughed so hard at a color description in my life. That paragraph about Merlot to coffee with the dishes had me laughing so hard I cried.

Elle said...

I think he just misses your usual bright colors! The dress is fine.

Shelly said...

I don't see what he doesn't like about it. I think it's quite flattering and with a few tweaks like raising the waist a little and removing some excess fabric at the neckline it would be a really beautiful dress. BTW I love the way you inserted the zipper too :)

Anonymous said...

I also like this kind of dress and I love a pique. However it appears that this is just a little too big for you, can you go down a size. Like one comment which suggested raising the waistline, taking it it at the neckline but also taking it in at the waist-bust area.