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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sew day

Today was my once a month sewing day with my friend Trudy. 

These days are like gold to me. We sew and talk and eat and ignore all other obligations.

I will be posting some pictures and detail tomorrow but tonight I want to share with you my new favourite Style Arc pattern the Lucinda knit pant.

Suffice it to say that I whipped up one pair in the morning and we agreed they were so wearable and comfortable, Lazy-boy pants in fact, that after lunch we did a quick field trip down to Fabricville so I could get more fabric to cut out another three pairs.

I am very busy right now, largely with work, and trying a new pants pattern right out the envelope and having it fit perfectly (we decided that if there were any flaws it might be in the body inside the pants and not the pattern itself) just was so great.

Now if Stylearc would just put the Evie up on Etsy I would be set.

So tomorrow I will corral my photographer and get some pictures up, after that its back to the sewing room to make more before the week hits. Here is the drawing of the pattern but brace yourself for my version which are not quite as loose, despite the fact the body underneath is, but about as comfy as a toddler's jammies, and we all know toddlers get to wear all the cool clothes.

More later.


Carol G. said...

I've been wondering (particularly with StyleArc patterns which come in limited sizes) Whether it is better to pick a size by your hip measurement or your waist.

My tummy suffers some middle age spread while I have always been small in the hips so it is either add to the waist or take off everywhere else.

celkalee said...

I have not tried this pattern line but your reviews and several others are all positive. I may have to give in! What kind of fabric did you use? i have loads of Ponte looking for a purpose.

Mary said...

Yea-right out of the envelope. I have this pattern and will try it now.

Karen said...

I can't wait for your pictures. You are amazingly productive.

Ccmel said...

Have you contacted Chloe at StyleArc re the Evie pattern? She seems to be open to putting patterns on Etsy if requested. I'm also a StyleArc fan, but being in Australia only have to pay local postage.