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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lucinda pants

Here, as promised, are my photos of the Lucinda pants from Style Arc I made yesterday.

My measurements put my waist at a size 14 and my hips at a 12. I fussed around for a bit about what size to use since Style Arcs are one size. But then I was honest with myself and figured out that my larger waist doesn't instantly become a smaller hip and that my stomach was probably a 14 too.

So these are straight out of the envelope, or in this case, straight off the dining room table where I stuck together all those little papers from my printer (made an Etsy purchase) in size 14.

The lovely fashion drawing of this picture is a bit deceptive unless you have a lovely fashion drawing body. I found the pleats at the front waist added a bit to the middle but really weren't the full down the leg pleats I remember from the last time I made pleated pants.

As to the question of whether or not they could be made in ponte, the answer is no, these were made in a lovely bamboo single knit from Patch Halifax, where I do some teaching, and they really need the drape.

Trudy pointed out yesterday that a person who had a larger waist could in fact just leave out the pleats (that might make them work in ponte) with a hip sized pattern. Just at thought and I might try that.

I also want to point out that yes I know there are a few diagonal wrinkles coming up from the centre crotch, but being a person who has spent about 10,000 hours looking at pants fitting problems there are a few issues that are about some body shapes in pants and not about the pattern. Women who have large abdomens (runs in my family all relatives who read this can back me up on that) and thinner legs are not going to eliminate the excess fabric at the top of the front of their legs without articulating the belly shape. I should know.

So from that point of view I would say the previously mentioned wrinkles are more because of the previously mentioned issue than otherwise.

And I have worn a shorter T shirt with these pictures for educational purposes but would wear something longer in real life of course.

So all that said here are my Lucinda shots:

Imagine these is a longer top. Please.
Good thing no one I know will see these shots. Just everyone on the www. What I do in the name of education is unbelievable. 

And here we go again. I know you want to see these close ups before you sew these yourself. You are counting on me.
A close-up of the pleats on me. 

Really are these not totally comfortable looking? 

In the next few days I am going to show them again with some longer T shirts I have made, so only the legs will show, and I think you will see what I mean about them being real favourite pants.

For comparison I am also going to show you a bit of an experiment I did with the Barb pants trying to narrow the bottom of the leg. Not totally successful as when I tapered in the leg I sacrificed more than I should have over the hip so I think I might take another crack at this idea.

The fabric is a stretch woven, so they are more comfortable than they look, but no where near as comfortable as the Lucinda.

At any rate I am going to find these pants really handy when I eventually run away to join the circus. 

But maybe not before:

Yup off to the circus.

The only appropriate comment here is OMG.

Oh well.

I tried the banana for breakfast diet you know. For two bananas. Then Trudy showed up yesterday after having swung by the nice German bakery. Enough said. I felt more like myself with breakfast I have to say.


chesneykat said...

OMG! I like the striped ones! Didn't you just make a royal blue tunic? Red would be nice too. I would totally wear them together. No Kidding!

Angela M. said...

Well, you are an enabler. Here I am saying no more patterns and fabrics, then you do and show this... so I had to order it. :) Here's to some comfy new pants!

Angela said...

You are a bright spot in my day today! I have the same figure problems only more exaggerated. Long shirts are my friend, too;) Hope you have a good week!

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

How do you make what could be an embarrassing situation into such a fun learning experience! Definitely ditch the 60s LSD tripping pants...but the gray ones are pretty awesome. Especially since most of us who've put a few miles and life experiences on our bodies, don't have fashion model bodies! Def make a few more pairs of these!

Laceflower said...

Bananas for breakfast diet; who knew I was dieting! If I don't eat 5 bananas a week I bruise if you look at me.

edube said...

Barbara, why are you embarrassed ? You achieved butt fitting perfection! None of those pesky drag lines we all struggle with. Can you give us the secret to your success or are you just naturally endowed? :))

Nana said...

I am so glad that you are so willing to sacrifice for education. I know the Lucinda will be a favorite and we all may jump in on that pattern. But more than anything, I am glad to see the circus pants. Believe it or not, I have almost an identical material that I had purchase for crop pants.....You have convinced me that is not the proper fabric. Thanks for sharing.

Judi Pinkham said...

You look way better than I do in comfy pants!!!

AJW said...

Right after Christmas I purchased a Style Arc membership and ordered a bunch of patterns, which arrived a few days ago. I am optimistic -- I like the style of these patterns and the reviews all over the web have been great -- but I am a short, apple-shaped, middle-ager, so I do not know how they will work for me. But it's winter, and I need a challenge. I bought mostly tops and dresses, but your Lucinda experience is definitely making me think that the line's pants are worth another look.

Mrs. Smith said...

LOL at the only comment being OMG haha!

Your butt looks great!!!

Louisa said...

I'd say those are two very wearable pants! Thanks for letting us see more than I'm sure you were willing. You are a true educator!

Love the striped ones, BTW! I'd wear them with a longer dark or neutral tunic so they don't cause too many migraines for viewers. But I'd definitely wear them!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being honest and brave. I have your lower body type and have struggled for years with issues you identified. So now, I will stop fussing and get on with more long shirts. What a relief!

Anonymous said...

Great pants, hilarious entry!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Great post! It's nice to see what they look like made up.

sarahlizsewstyle said...

I agree with you about fitting the larger abdomen, small hips. I am tiny - 33 inch hips. Everything that is housed in the abdominal cavity therefor has to jut out. Large abdomen. I am about 12-14 waist and 6-8 hips. Taking the leg seams so that the front of the leg is not baggy just makes me look like a belly on twig legs. And forget about the low waist pants that just add more to that area. Have you found that with low waist pants too?

Tracy King said...

I like how both of the pants look on you. I think you did great. I also suffer from the big abdomen type body shape and it drives me nuts but oh well, gotta love yourself :) Thanks for sharing, I have seen the style arc pants done by a few others and always like to see things on a few different people.