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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fusible thread continued

As promised here are some shots of the sleeveless top I finished by turning under the edges using fusible thread in the lower looper.

There is not much to this, just finish the raw edges with three threads and the fusible thread in the looper that will be next to the body fabric when you turn up the hem edges, or in this case the armhole edges once to hem. Lengthen the stitch length if you want so you don't get too much thread built up.

Press lightly so the thread sticks the edge to the garment (the thread won't completely melt away and I have never had an residue on my iron) and this is what it will look like after pressing ( know I the loops show on the black and I could have tightened the looper to hide that but I wanted you to be able to read what was happening in this picture):

After top-stitching this is what the armhole edge looks like, nice and neat, no ripples and no bulk, which is a problem I often found with the fusible web - I once had to take it out of a hem because it stiffened it too much.

All this was in aid of this simple everyday outfit of some Lucinda pants and a Renfrew top with the sleeves left off and a cross-over V neckline. I will be posting those instructions Wednesday, right now I have to do course prep for the week.

Not much to report here except I hope you can see the great armpit coverage I got with this tactic.

Another shot that doesn't show much except a black top and I necklace I got at Belk last year and have had no occasion to wear in Nova Scotia, which is more of a single tiny diamond on a thin chain kind of place if you get my drift.

In a month we will be in Florida. Once there I will be teaching distance for two months and my husband can get some relief from the weather and hopefully loosen up those joints.

32 days actually but whose counting?


BeaJay said...

Thanks so much for this. Great that you don't even have to double turn. I have already ordered some of this thread.

thornberry said...

That is such a great tip with the fusible thread! I definitely need to add some of that to my stash. Love the necklace, by the way. I have the Lucinda pants pattern in my "to sew" pile at the moment. Yours look great, as does that sleeveless top. Looking forward to the tutorial!

Angela M. said...

Lovely outfit! Thank you for the pictures, and I will be looking forward to more on Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Very nice Barb.
Thank you for the tip,

Anonymous said...

I have never used fusible thread. Is there any particular brand you could recommend? Thank you!

jirons42 said...

Thanks for the reminder. I actually have fusible thread in my stash and forget to use it.

Patty said...

Thanks for the tip on the fusible thread! and I love that necklace....you should get lots of chances to wear it in Florida :-)_

Anonymous said...

Very sharp looking. You look great. Wear the necklace anyway! It looks great on this top. :-)