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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sewers are born not made

I have many, many things to write about right now but tonight I want to share what my middle granddaughter did today at nursery school.

It was her day to make a wish for what she wanted her circle group to do as an activity. Usually it is a story or a game etc.

Today Miss Heidi said her wish was to sew ballet clothes. So they got her some fabric and helped her cut and this is her outfit. Note she even made her shoes:

Lately, since the baby, Miss Heidi has had a few time outs for things like cutting the points off the bunting flags her mom made to decorate her room, and cutting up her own clothes and gluing them to the floor (I am a terrible grandmother I just laugh no matter what goes down over there) but I am putting this together now.

This kid is just a born sewer trying to get out.

And I am ready for her.


Nana said...

HOW CUTE!!! Oh, grandmother....you have much to look forward to.

freshcityfarm said...

Oh my ... That is such a very dear story. And you...laughing at whatever goes on over there. Hysterical. Again.

Elle said...

Oh dear, I laughed out loud at the cutting of the clothes and gluing them to the floor. Better hurry with the sewing lessons. I remember my first project--in kindergarten class--a rectangle of green fringed burlap and a fat needle threaded with yellow yarn that we used to make a running stitch border to complete the placemat. What a struggle to sew a straight line, and then to turn the corner! Hmm, maybe not too much has changed....

Digs said...

Too funny. What an inventive little creature she is.

Kathie said...

I can still faintly remember having all my toys confiscated by my mom as punishment for cutting up her one and only silk blouse to make something for my dolly... I could not have been more than 4 or 5 years old... More than 65 years ago... What joy to have someone to guide who has a passion already! It's obvious she is a genius.

Jeanneke said...

A top designer she is already!
She couldn't wish for a more understanding and loving grandma.
Enjoy the creations, all of them.


Jacq C said...

She's going to go far - and she clearly needs your support on her creative journey. This is just wonderful. My 3 year old niece just announced she's going to be a 'knitter' when she grows up - she has it all planned. I taught my SiL to crochet in the summer and she's decided that if I can teach her Mum then I can show her how too! Kids are just brilliant :)

Anonymous said...

How gorgeous is that ??
Ria in Oz.

Mary said...

Being raised by Dad and brothers only, I was forced to sew Barbie clothes using old socks. Thanks for the charming story and pic of your granddaughter-she is ready for some time with her own sewing machine.

Angela M. said...

You remind me of my mom - my kiddos do things that my sibs and I NEVER did! She laughes until she cries at the stories, says she doesn't understand how I survive, and that punishments I dole out would have easily stopped me from misbehaving.... my daughter - yeah, well, those punishments are just a challenge and inconvenience. humph.

True story - last week - after FOREVER of dealing with her not doing homework/not turning it in/etc. (she is 15 years old, not a little child) I locked her out of her bedroom. FINALLY she is doing her homework! Other punishments, like removal of cell phone, etc. - no difference at all. I was the kid that just did my homework, so I can't understand what goes on in her head.

Well, enough rambling.

chesneykat said...

I hope my grandaughter is just like yours!

badmomgoodmom said...

She's cutting up her clothes to make her own rugs? I'm not sure if that is forward-thinking or retro. But, she's quite the resourceful "unventer"!

I remember when my daughter cut up one of my square silk scarves to make a poncho. She cut a hole in the center for her head. That took some persistence with child-safe craft scissors.

I was mad, but laughed at the same time. My husband bought me a nicer replacement scarf. Once she was done with the poncho, it went into my box of linings for reuse.

Sew Chic said...


Laceflower said...

I guess my response to my little brother coming along was less creative - I just went straight to trying to murder him.
Love your stories.

Denise said...

The night after reading this, and being SO impressed, I went to fantastic exhibition of Jean Paul Gautier's work at the National Gallery of Victoria here in Melbourne.
As far as design goes, I think they have a lot in common, and that they should be introduced immediately !