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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas baking : not too sweet ideas

Yes I know.

I am still marking.

However that doesn't mean I don't go AWOL every once and a while and surf the web during break time.

I am often amused by the cookie recipes published this time of year, based on the assumption that your average busy person, with a job, family and 8,000 responsibilities has spare time to make ganache, dip delicate cookies in chocolate and role in toasted pecans, or ice up little numbers like these:

I can tell you for sure that anyone who is spending her time on projects like this is way behind in making up her Lazy-boy tops.

Way behind.

There is also a limit to the amount of icing sugar, cream cheese and butter a person can buy these days when the rest of world has gone diet responsible. Not everyone tucks away the sweets like they used to, or I still want to.

So with all of that in mind I was quite interested in, and wanted to share, these Washington Post recipes for off-beat Christmas cookies.

I might actually make some of these.


Mary said...

I agree wholeheartedly! I look for drop cookie recipes, or if pressed, I might make sugar cookies with a water glass as the cookie cutter.

Carol in Denver said...

Thank you for the recipe link; there are some intriguing recipes there. Having a grandson with allergies to dairy, eggs & nuts has dampened my enthusiasm for making traditional cookies. This year I developed a recipe for granola. I'll make little bags of it and share with family and friends instead of cookies, breads, etc.

Donna W said...

I think a lot of those Christmas pictures convince some of us that in order to have the "perfect" Christmas we must do all those fancy things in baking and decorating. I never had the time for stuff like that during my working life and now I just can't be bothered, I do bake cookies which I give away but they are easy ones.thanks for the link for those cookies.