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Friday, November 14, 2014

Small victories

I went to the vet today for a follow-up on Daisy's teeth.

For those of you who are not hanging on the edge of your seats thinking about my dog's teeth here is the recap.

In August she went in to have about half of her bad puppy mill history teeth extracted. They were black and horrible. In the end the vet could only keep her under long enough to get them all cleaned. So he sent me home to see what I could do with brushing and to come back in a few months to reassess and to book more surgery.

In the intervening months I have been doing Daisy's teeth twice a day with dog toothpaste and these drugstore gloves and a tiny tooth brush. The glove were the most useful, I pretty much could only poke around with the toothbrush.

Well the follow-up was today and the vet told me her teeth were perfect. Amazing in fact he told me, like nothing he had ever seen, her teeth so good that the gums had even grown back and she needs no more dental work at all (this saves me about $2,500).

In fact he came out and told his staff about her teeth and wrote down exfoliating gloves.

Listen there's a lot I don't get on top of or get right.

I have upside down collars and a pile of messages to answer and classes to prepare. 

I haven't touched that mending pile since 1994 and I still don't know why folks are still adding to it.

When my kids started school I bought a cookie jar and thought I would fill it with cookies so we could sit down every day after school and discuss our days. 

I think I managed that once.

Three kids and twelve years of school each.

I was thinking this week I would start a new board called Disinterest where folks could pin all their unfinished projects, record their over ambitions, and all the creative projects they messed up.

I could fill boards and boards all by myself. They would be called:

"Stains Dawn dish detergent did not get out"

"Doors with no wreaths on them"

"Squares that stick to the bottom of the pan"

"Slow cooker meals that require $37.00 of ingredients and still taste like water"

"Messy kitchen drawers"

"Weird things that have been found in messy kitchen drawers"

"Rolls of undeveloped film of the childhoods of kids now in their 30s"

"Dogs with dust bunnies on them because they were coated with coconut oil by well meaning son's girlfriends and who then tried to hide under the couch (the dogs not the girlfriends)"

I think I am on to something.

But I have to say tonight.

What ever else I don't get together in my life.

I am pretty awesome when it comes to dog's teeth.


Karen in VA said...

Great news about Daisy.....I could add quite a bit to the Disinterest boards also......

Nana said...

It is amazing what we do for our canine companions. I am sure that Daisy appreciates all you do.

Sue said...

I think you have your priorities straight! I highly recommend recycling the mending pile and go for a walk with your wonderful dog. She is a treasure and a gift to all of us. Enjoy!

Angela M. said...

It is so great you had the time to devote to those teeth! What a blessed doggie!

Bunny said...

Amazing how your caring attention brought Daisy's teeth issues to an end. The idea of your exfoliating gloves is brilliant. DSIL is an orthodontist and BIG dog lover who puts a lot of effort into his dog's teeth. I can't wait to tell him about the gloves. Actually, wouldn't that make a great gift for the new lab, Red? thanks for the heads up on this and congrats on the improvement to Daisy's health. Just think of how much better she must feel.

KathyS said...

It's amazing what a little TLC can do. She is a lucky dog to have such a caring mum. Ditch the mending. If it's that old it won't fit anymore, anyway :)

Kay said...

Amazing news about Daisy's teeth! The exfoliating gloves are brilliant! One of my cats and my dog (OK, my son and DIL's dog. He spends more time with me)have very bad teeth. I've never been able to get a toothbrush in either of them. The cat is armed with very sharp claws as well as teeth, so I don't think the gloves will work for him. But the dog. He only weighs about 5 lbs., and he's not nearly as flexible as the cat. I think I actually could get my finger in there to work on his teeth. And he's so little it doesn't even hurt that much if he bites.

As for the disinterest board: HAH! Got a disinterest room somewhere? Maybe a disinterest building? Because I'm like my little dog when he's in the kitchen. In spite of the many, many times that no one gives him the human food for dinner, he's sure that *this time!* is going to be different. Me too. I know that my wild fabric combo/frankenpattern/weird technique will work this time. When it doesn't I blame the project (after a suitable attempt to salvage it) and move on. I'm not as courageous as your dog, but I'm (almost) as optimistic as mine.

Rose said...

Congrats on Daisy's teeth! I'm so glad that you found her and that she found you.

Rose in SV

Anonymous said...

I love reading what your write, thanks for brightening my day!

Shirley Ann said...

Ha ha! Love it....disinterest boards! I know I could pin stuff to that as well!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I love that your dog is feeling better due to your persistent care; I love your observations about life; and I love your sewing. In this season of gratitude, I would like to say thanks for sharing it all with us. You have no idea of how much you increase peoples' knowledge and brighten their days.

Cathryn said...

Oh my gosh, your post had me laughing. I love the Disinterest idea! LOL

Congrats on saving your Daisy's teeth. Your post title is correct: Small Victories. She's a lucky girl. :-)

Mary said...

Yay on the teeth! I love the disinterest board and could fill up my own quickly.

asisewit said...

I would be one of the top pinners on the disinterest boards! So funny!

Angela said...

Love reading your blog! The disinterest board idea is so funny. I, too, could have plenty of contributions. Mine would be along the lines of 'many ways to fail at cleaning your house':) What good news about Daisy's teeth! Although I have done nothing as dramatic as this, I keep a mental list of my small victories, too. High on the list of my accomplishments: I make good toast:)

Mary said...

A perfect post for perfect teeth. Good job!

mrsmole said...

Those gloves look like they could de-fuzz sweaters and sofas as well. I've had a pair for years promoted for ex-exfoliation in the bath but I am sure there are way more uses if we thought about it. Disinterest contributions would be making super 8 home movies into something now that the kids are in their 40's. Is there a time limit?

Judi Pinkham said...

Bless Daisy's heart...she is where she belongs! and bless your heart too!!!
It makes me feel good that there are things that even you don't get right...or at least feel like you don't get right. Happens to all of us. :)

Nancy said...

Great news about Daisy. You might be surprised how many of us truly were interested in the outcome. What a great find about the gloves. I have a pair but no dog at present. Living in an apartment complex makes it a little difficult. But, if and when I can move and can get a dog, I am ready to keep the teeth clean. Oh, when you start your disinterest list, please sign me up as a charter member!

Anonymous said...

Daisy is one lucky dog and I am sure she knows it. Great effort and far more important than the mending

Janine said...

Thanks for the tips about dogs teeth. I have tried with a tooth brush and it is useless so I will try these gloves and add some toothpaste to that. My dog is fairly good about letting me try brush his teeth because well he loves me that much.
Great excuse for mending too . I am brushing the dogs teeth. Actually that wouldn't go down well in my house because my children think that I love the dog more than them. It's not true. But I suspect the dog does love me more than them!

Kay said...

As a followup on the exfoliating golves for dogs' teeth: I just told my son and daughter-in-law about them (showing your picture so they would know what I was talking about) and they thought it was brilliant also. They admitted they haven't taken good care of his teeth. They just didn't know how. His mouth is so small that the usual dog toothbrushes just don't fit.They know they have been doing him a disservice but didn't know how to fix it. We think the gloves will do it. They will pick some up tomorrow morning.

I thank you and the dog thanks you.

Janome Gnome said...

Thank you for helping me to adjust my tension there! To enjoy overextending a sewing metaphor, I was all loopy on one side, and wasn't sure how to fix it. I'm so glad I clicked on your blog. I was just cackling out loud to myself at so much you wrote. THANK YOU!

Carol in Denver said...

I think we must be twins, separated at birth. Genes will out, and we both developed some similar behavior patterns. I still have not finished a quilt I started before my first child was born. He's now 54 years old and not my only child either. I've moved it about a dozen times, took it with me in a divorce, and still it languishes.

Beth H said...

Thanks so much for the tip about the exfoliating glove! I have been very unsuccessful cleaning Pearl The Wonder Dog's teeth with the traditional doggie toothbrush and thimble thingy. After I saw your post, I bought some of those exfoliating gloves. Pearl will actually sit there and let me clean her teeth with those! Victory!