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Friday, November 7, 2014

Show and tell the first class version

I think I told you a few posts ago about running into blog readers in NYC. This was the highlight of my garment district day.

I also told you about the lovely couple I ran into on the street and about the cooperative husband who took off his jacket and showed me his shirt.

The workmanship on that shirt was outstanding and so I asked for pictures.

And here they are.

Many thanks to Marian for sharing these shots and for her lucky husband Ed for being such a sport.

A standard we can all strive for in the shirt making business:


Lisa Laree said...

That is a beautiful shirt...:-)

celkalee said...

Beautiful shirt, and the husband too! You are indeed an inspiration.

Nursebennett said...

Wow! I agree. The sewing and the fit is definitely expert. What a lucky guy to have such a talented wife. Good taste never goes out of style. What was his wife wearing and did she make her out fit?

Kathie said...

That is one nifty shirt! What a treat for you.... And them. I'm headed there soon and always hope I will see someone I recognize from their blog. Wish me luck.

Robin said...

Wow, sewing perfection. I've always considered creating tailoring shirts as a high end skill. She could be teaching.

SuzieB said...

Expertly done & in a wonderful color! Beautiful-

Anonymous said...

I am stunned and green with envy at the skill, precision and sheer mastery of the sewing.
India in Scotland

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for the nice comments. Ed and I really got a kick out of this.

Thanks Barb - hope to see you again in the Garment District!!


Mrs. Smith said...

So well done!