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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Flypaper thoughts Tuesday night

  • This week the extended family has had one mild heart attack, one kid announcing she might marry a refugee so he won't be deported, a niece accepted to nursing and probably going to stay here for some time next fall, and the dog coat I crocheted is too tight for Daisy.
  • You figure out the order of magnitude
  • Pretty normal for around here
  • Best news was my son in NYC proposed and was accepted
  • I am so happy you have no idea
  • This is a girl who notices
  • This is a girl who is so kind
  • She is also the kind of girl you can walk around her place in your pyjamas with cats on them and it is fine
  • She also has good snacks
  • I told her if the kid ever gives her any trouble let me know
  • Not that he will but she should know where I stand
  • The snacks are excellent
  • Miss Scarlett tells me that shoes for a wedding need to have bows on them
  • We are going to have to start planning the outfits
  • You know what I admire most about Miss Daisy?
  • She has bad memories but she tries so hard to move past them
  • You can see her remembering that this used to be scary but willing herself to do it anyway
  • The trying just amazes me
  • We should all have that faith
  • Which reminds me
  • Don't call yourself old
  • Listen folks have already noticed that and it is your main job to show them it doesn't matter
  • I also think that everyone can do something that is ageless
  • I went for a swim today
  • In the water I am 10 
  • Why wouldn't I go swimming?
  • I need to do some sewing
  • Before I get to that I need to put my foot down in the evenings
  • Instead I am lying on the bed talking to my niece about how to break up with her too old boyfriend
  • I can compose a damn fine break up letter
  • "The fact that our time is over now will never take away from what we shared"
  • Is that too many characters for a text?
  • You have no idea how glad I am that I will never have to do stuff like that again
  • So much nicer to say "we are out of paper towels and milk"
  • So much nicer to have a voice in the dark say "nighty night kiddo"
  • I think my son has a girl who already knows that


Sox said...

Dear Barbara,
I do so enjoy your posts.
I hope your foot heals quickly, but in the meantime, I am enjoying your increased output on your blog.
My very best regards!

BeccaA said...

Congratulations on your future daughter-in-law! That is wonderful news. Thanks for sharing your flypaper thoughts.

Robin said...

This hits home for me in so many ways. I can totally relate.

Anonymous said...

ah, I too have a beloved daughter in law to be, we are both very lucky, as are our sons.

Swimming = non-weight bearing exercise for your poor foot, I suppose?

Perhaps when you retire you can start a side line in break up letters, that is really very good.


Barbara said...

I loved this post for many reasons, one of which is your description of your son's fiancee as having good snacks!

I look forward to reading your posts and your outlook on life.

Elle said...

Flypaper comments: No break up via texting unless the old b.f can't take no for an answer in which case it's fine. I think your son's excellent choice in women says volumes about you. And belatedly, re a couple of posts back, I think it's a hoot that it was another dog's wisdom about Leo that finally convinced Daisy that you weren't the only gem n the family.

ElleC said...

Congratulations to your new daughter-in-law on getting you as a mother-in-law. As someone who used to refer to hers as the B___h-in-law, I can tell her/you this is important. Congrats to you too. ♥

Judi Pinkham said...

I love the one about don't call yourself old!!! And Miss Daisy moving past her bad memories.

Patty said...

Don't call yourself old
Listen folks have already noticed that and it is your main job to show them it doesn't matter


annie said...

Heart attack first and then dog coat. For what it's worth, I have three married sons and I made it clear from the beginning that I was in their corner, always.

Donna W said...

In this crazy world be thankful that you have a good man as your husband.

Kay said...

This made me tear up a little:

You know what I admire most about Miss Daisy? She has bad memories but she tries so hard to move past them. You can see her remembering that this used to be scary but willing herself to do it anyway. The trying just amazes me.

OK, it made me tear up a little more than a little. Such courage is a real example to us humans, isn't it?

Kay said...

Oh, and I'm sorry her sweater was too tight. I can't tell you how happy it made me that you were pleased with the pattern. I have used so many tips from your blog that I was thrilled to be able to pay back just a little.

Paula said...

Gosh sorry to read that someone had a heart attack. Hope they are heading towards alright. Congratulations to your Son and future DIL. Look forward to reading about the wedding plans.

/anne... said...

Life is too short to deal with people who disapprove of cat-print pajamas :-)

OTOH, does she sew? Because this could give you a personal shopper based in NY! Not so much a DIL as a conveniently-located minion ;-P

Leigh Wheeler said...

How wonderful about your son!! Sounds like he's found a keeper.

Isn't it funny how the dogs teach each other? If I have a new dog, and want to teach it something, I have it sit next to the 'old' dog that knows, and give the commands so the old hand can show the new guy what we're doing. It works every time. The new guy 'gets it' so much faster. Glad Leo could give Miss Daisy a new perspective.

Leigh Wheeler said...

Also - hope your foot heals up soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Barbara, I so enjoy your posts. Have just returned from a very short trip from Calgary to Melbourne and was happy to see a number of posts from "The Edge"

So nice that you will have a lovely DIL. I have 2 and they are wonderful. So,hope that your foot heals and happy that your sink is clean!

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb -
My husband and I both enjoyed meeting you in NYC - If you'll send me your email address I'll attempt to send the pictures you asked for.
Hope your foot is better.