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Friday, July 4, 2014

Flypaper thoughts fourth of July

  • Got a birthday party today for my youngest who was born on the fourth of July
  • Board shorts to finish 
  • The little girls are coming over to help with the cake
  • They have also decided we need balloons, streamers, and treat bags
  • They are stressed because they don't know what Uncle Benny's favourite colour is
  • This is big when you are two and four
  • What would you put in a treat bag for a twenty-eight year old
  • Probably mothers shouldn't think about things like that
  • McCalls has three interesting new fall patterns
  • This weekend posting garment pictures
  • Finally
  • The last two weeks have been a whirl
  • Nephew who is here for the summer is settled into his first job
  • We have also spent a couple of days figuring out university courses with him
  • He has one more year of high school left
  • Thinking of doing a post about what I wish parents knew about getting kids ready for first year
  • There are things you should know
  • Fabricmart is posting boring fabrics these days
  • Who needs all that taupe
  • What exactly is taupe
  • And why is it not beige
  • Don't you just love it when you make something you never made before
  • Don't understand the instructions but what-do-you-know it turns out
  • Putting off the board short eyelets
  • Two months in Florida
  • Hats and sunscreen every day
  • Spent yesterday afternoon with the nephew walking around in the fog watching the Nova Scotia golf open
  • Sunburn today
  • Figures
  • My entire extended family will more or less be here all August
  • Please send me your go to recipes for feeding crowds dinner
  • I am clearly serious about this
  • All the neoprene fabric around now would be perfect for the Jalie coat that has been calling for stretch coating all these years
  • Need a raincoat but can't face making a trench
  • Made one once for my 3X male hairdresser
  • Burda and 48 pattern pieces
  • I have done that
  • Once
  • Spent yesterday morning taking care of the girls and playing "friendly racoons in the snow"
  • For some reason this involved making beds in the kitchen
  • I had to talk in my racoon voice
  • I have a racoon voice
  • Speaking local Miss Daisy is not sure she like the rain
  • Stands on the deck and actually looks up at the sky
  • Even in drizzle
  • Has a "what the hell is this" look on her Florida face
  • Then she comes in and pees on the floor
  • Got to come up with a plan before the sleet season starts
  • We will figure it out
  • We are doing so well with everything but the rain
  • Last week she started to play with toys
  • Ran up and down the hall bringing back a toy we threw
  • We were nearly in tears
  • Learning to be a real dog
  • Are you sick of the dog stories
  • Dog recovery has been such a big part of my last few months
  • Ah ha!
  • I need to sew her a raincoat with a hood
  • As with most things
  • The solution is sewing
  • Now off to do those eyelets
These are the new McCall fall patterns I noticed:

I once had a wrap type dress with a dolmon sleeve I liked. Would it make me feel as elegant at 60 as at 25? Always the question. However you can't trust a wrap. This one says it closes with hooks and eyes. Kidding right? I am not trusting exposing my underwear to a couple of hooks and eyes, that's for sure

We all wore these skirts all the time. Like when I was 25 and didn't think I would ever be as old as 60. Funny having more fun now. Back to skirts. These are practical but are they dowdy?

Like this view for work, on my thinking about this list. Have to make the dowdy decision as I will not be wearing marcelled hair with mine.

Like this line drawing better than the picture where the model is bunching it up with a belt. A million patterns like this before but this one has more shape and a peplum version. I have to think ahead to dressing in the sleet.


Anonymous said...

Keep on with the dog stories, and some pictures would be nice!

annie said...

Completely agree with you about Fabricmart. Had it in mind to stop there while on my way to visit my son in NJ but sadly he has moved to Key West. As for new patterns, I just made a Coppelia top from Papercuts and I love it. It was a bit of a leap for me. As far as Miss Daisy, I love hearing about her progress. I second the previous poster; would love to see some pictures.

BeckyMc said...

I love the dog stories. I think the A line skirt is dowdy, but I like the straight one. For feeding a big crowd I like to do things they can assemble themselves. Like a taco buffet or a loaded baked potato buffet. My favorite is "Haystacks". Sometimes they are called Hawaiian and sometimes Chinese. I think of them as dinner "sundaes". Make a huge pot of rice. Shred some cooked chicken and put it in a gravy. Put out any toppings and let everyone make their own stack. I like to top mine with crushed pineapple, coconut, sliced almonds, green onions, diced bell peppers, diced tomatoes, shredded cheese. You can clean out the fridge of fresh veggies. Oh, canned mandarin oranges are good too.

LGjeltema said...

Yes to all the patterns but the first skirt. Dowdy unless worm with boots. That redeems it!
I feed my crowds sandwich buffets, taco and taco salad buffets.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Always. More dog stories. Your current dog stories are hilarious. Pix is good too.
Taupe is the French word for mole. Moles are taupe coloured. Taupes are not beige. I love taupe – the colour and the animals, except when the animals are eating the roots of my aunt's peach tree and it dies!
I would like to hear your raccoon voice. We have a lot of raccoons where I live. They are very noisy and screechy. Raucous, in fact. Is that where Rocky Raccoon comes from? Raucous?
If you sew a raincoat for Miss Daisy be warned that it takes as long or longer to make a dog coat than it does to make a human coat. After a dog coat you might enjoy making another Trench. It's putting in those little sleeves that are killers.
As always, I love your posts and wish they were more frequent.
Vancouver Barbara

Unknown said...

Thank you for the update. Thank you for the smiles and giggles. My single son just turned 30 and I know I don't want to think about what goes into his treat bag! Thank you for your posts. They are a special treat. Sue

Anonymous said...

I like the dog stories but I have 5 dogs so you get where I am coming from.
The first skirt looks dowdy to me but the 2nd one does not.
Please let us know what you put in the treat bags.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the dog stores. I really like the cardigan/jacket/whatever. Don't forget the crockpot.

Tez said...

always more dog stories.
I'm owned by a dog with a sad history too and I totally felt your reason for tears watching your bebe become more and more free from her past!

DO please write a post (or several) about what to prepare for in first year Uni/College. That time is FAST approaching in my house!

Have a super fun long weekend.

Meegan said...

Here's a good crowdpleaser, and cook-pleaser as it's so easy!
Love hearing Daisy's updates, but have long ago given up on those pattern companies... time to draft your own.

Tillie's Mom said...

My big crowd meals are spaghetti w/meat sauce and chili. Love the dog stories. Our little rescue girl still doesn't get toys. But she surely loves to snuggle!

Anonymous said...

Yes please as to advice for parents sending kids to first year university. I'll be spending part of the summer touring university campuses with my daughte
and being sceptical that there's any value in that. Sandra

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog, too. Your writing style is so different from most of the sewing blogs, and I also really appreciate hearing your insights into life. As a 25 year old, I'm very glad to hear that you are having more fun at 60 than 25.

Anonymous said...

Always enjoy your blog posts!

The ones about Miss Daisy are my current favourites! I love the way all of you are becoming a forever family and Miss Daisy is learning to be a dog!

I need to find the pattern number for that McCall's jacket. I rarely buy patterns--I've made my own forever--but occasionally...


Anonymous said...

Always enjoy reading your blog!

The dog stories currently are my favourite subject. I love the way the three of you are becoming a forever family and Miss Daisy's journey to becoming a dog!

Really do need to find the pattern number for that McCall's jacket. I rarely purchase patterns--have been creating my own forever--but occasionally...


Anonymous said...


Forgot the main reason for my previous comment!

You'll also need to make Miss Daisy some rain/snow boots to go with that raincoat and hat!

Have to protect those precios little feet!