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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Flypaper thoughts

  • Yes I am still here.
  • The bug came, went, did a U turn, came and now went.
  • Didn't miss any work because I will go home when I figure those kids have all they need to have in their heads in their heads.
  • Last week I got this email just before class "I won't be in class today because I thought today was Sunday and only realized it wasn't when texting my friends and realized they were at school."
  • You see where I am coming from here.
  • Somewhere along the way to Too-much-to-dos-ville I realized.
  • If I don't sew something soon I am going to lose my mind.
  • You know that feeling?
  • However with end of term and dog walking and being flu-esque I didn't really have time to sew.
  • So I took the only reasonable way out.
  • I sewed dolmans.
  • This will be remembered, by me, as the time I was so busy I sewed dolmans.
  • Five T shirts actually to go with my five knit Elle pants.
  • I just might give you a dress form shot a day this week as proof.
  • And you know.
  • Sometimes life is like a V neck.
  • I made one of the dolmans yesterday and the neckband was too wide for not super stretchy fabric and it sort of gaped.
  • Looked OK by those standards that only God is perfect and a man riding by on a fast horse wouldn't notice.
  • That's all fine but when I got up this morning and put it on the kitchen counter for a look I decided - we do better work than that in this shop.
  • So before I changed my mind I cut off the neckband with the chicken scissors and went down to the sewing room and installed a cross over V.
  • Your standards can slip but not too much, and not every day.
  • Or most days.
  • So glad I have finished House of Cards on Netflix.
  • Claire was getting to me.
  • You can't trust a woman with no accessories on her outfit and no knick knacks in her house.
  • That should have been everyone's first clue.
  • It was mine.
  • Sometimes when my husband is away I make a pan of sweet and sour chicken wings and eat it myself. With brown rice and beets.
  • Got to watch those dolmans in the sauce.
  • Got diagnosed this week with saddle sores from riding the exercise bike.
  • Amused doctor told me to wear some of those padded bum shorts out of spandex.
  • I can see me now, getting dressed like Lance Armstrong to go down to the basement and sit on the bike and look at pattern sites in my iPad.
  • Hardly an extreme sport
  • But I guess it depends on where you sit.
  • Literally.
  • I am thinking what I really need is a FBA to the seat.
  • You figure it out.
  • Might have to cut back on the chicken wings.
  • In three weeks I will be in Florida.
  • No more of these long blogging breaks then.
  • Promise.


Lyndle said...

You've done it again - my laugh for the week. There must be a way to pad that seat (you could call it a pimp or a hack, if you wanted to be down with the kids). Can you set it as an assignment for your students? Love your picture of you in technical gear reading your ipad... Dress it to be it, or something?

KellysSewing said...

Thanks for the chuckle(s). I am glad you are feeling better, you were missed.

Karen in VA said...

Hope the flu has left for good.... You were missed.

badmomgoodmom said...

You can use cheap (not ultra thin kind) maxipads and spread a thin layer of Chamois Butt'r on the pad.

I didn't want to buy expensive bicycling shorts for my growing kid so this helped keep her from complaining during family rides.

She was pretty cute on our bicycle for 3.

theresa said...

I don't know what kind of seat you have on that bike but if it is the one it came with, you really need an anatomical seat designed for women. You can get them in bike shops in racing and non-racing versions. Makes a world of difference to the "sit" bones, those points on the pelvis you sit on. We women have more space between the "sit" bones because of babies.

Theresa in Tucson

Jeanneke said...

So good to see you back with another hilariously written story to enjoy.
Glad you're feeling better....You made me do so too!
Try a home-sewn chicken wing feather stuffed little cushion on your excercise bike as a bum protector:>)


Cleverclogs said...

Glad you are back in the blog saddle ( and hope that it doesn't make you sore!)

Jacq C said...

Thank you for the chuckle, glad you are feeling better. How about a small cushion for the bike? You could put 'go faster' stripes on it, make it look really sporty! :)

jirons42 said...

Your posts never disappoint. Got my laugh for the day.

Lynn Barnes said...

I think KwikSew still has a pattern in the catalog for bike wear with a padded seat. I bought one -- pre-baby -- in case I ever started riding my bicycle regularly. Baby will be 24 her next birthday. Still occasionally pass by the pattern, in the "Exercise and Lingerie" box, as I thumb through looking for larger and larger nighties. Glad you're feeling some better.

Laceflower said...

Glad you have come out the other side; sorry about your poor bum!

BetsyV said...

Try lowering the seat just a smidge. I don't wear padded bike shorts, I take cycling classes 2x weekly, and I only get soreness when I fail to set the seat height properly.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! It's nice to "hear" your voice again.

Lucille said...

I got a padded seat for my bike that is a separate slip on cover. It has wonderful gel foam. Mmmmm....

Well, it's a s good as biking gets.